Tons of new stuff in 1.41

New Eve update, new Evernus update. Both with tons of new stuff:

  • [new] option to combine market orders for all characters
  • [new] option to color low volume orders (order preferences)
  • [new] flagging unusual volumes in Market Analysis
  • [new] option to expand/collapse all assets
  • [new] ability to toggle sample data in the Margin Tool
  • [new] option to ignore orders with min. volume > 1 by the Margin Tool (price preferences)
  • [fixed] NaN margin with no orders
  • [fixed] fixed eve-central import error when CREST is down
  • [fixed] database error on edge case while importing orders
  • [changed] significantly improved database performance
  • [changed] ability to add multiple favorite items at once in Market Browser
  • [changed] assets are now sorted alphabetically by default
  • [changed] switched to new CREST endpoint
  • [changed] new fee calculations
  • [changed] Citadel database
  • [changed] moved global functions to EveDataProvider namespace

Enjoy, and if you like this program, consider donating a PLEX 🙂