Some FPC goodies arrive

New version is here with some new stuff:

  • [new] possibility to set a default custom station in order preferences page
  • [new] citadels appear in every station selection
  • [new] custom range threshold for the Margin Tool (data source tab) – ability to include prices outside order range
  • [new] custom Fast Price Copy dialog – you can paste your own data for FPC
  • [new] possibility to set backwards FPC shortcut
  • [new] possibility to unbind FPC shortcuts by Esc
  • [changed] switched to Dropbox API v2 and improved setup experience
  • [changed] completely abandoned CREST in favor of ESI
  • [changed] 201603 database
  • Bret Rowlinson

    Getting a dropbox error when synchronizing now: Error: 302 (Error transferring – server replied: Bad
    Request). Anyone else getting this, or have a fix? Thanks.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      If you’re on windows try the following:

      1. Run regedit.
      2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREevernus.comEvernussyncdb
      3. Remove the token entry.

      • Bret Rowlinson

        Did that and got an error, so I unregistered Evernus from inside of dropbox security settings, also deleted the other token entry (tokenauth) from the registry.

        Get a new error now after authorizing, and having no evernus folder in my dropboxapps folder:

        Error: 206 (Error transferring – server replied: Conflict)

        Click ok on that and get:

        Error: 409 (path/not found/)