Slowly switching to ESI in 2.4

New version is out and it’s the first one which starts to focus on ESI import. Historically, 3rd party apps only had old XML API available. This API is error-prone, has long cache timers and doesn’t support citadels at all. ESI, when finally arrived, solved some of those issues. Unfortunately, ESI is not complete yet – some endpoints are totally missing (like corporation ones), while some are very unstable. Evernus tries to use the stable ones to fetch more accurate data; currently those are: character info, assets (including in citadels) and market orders. There is support for wallet data, but the endpoint is too unstable to use.

When you first launch this new version you will be prompted for which API to use. If you wish to have more data, choose ESI. If you experience problems – switch back to XML API, or simply stick with it for now. New endpoint support will be added in the future.

Full change log:

  • [new] region+station presets for Market Analysis
  • [new] generating crash reports in an unlikely event of a hard crash
  • [new] some help tooltips
  • [new] type details in Importing analysis
  • [new] verbose logging to file
  • [new] median destination volume in Importing analysis
  • [new] mean absolute deviation in Importing analysis
  • [new] accepting $ in costs in new/edit custom cost dialog (e.g. for pasting from Excel)
  • [new] CSV import/export of custom costs
  • [new] possibility to switch to ESI import from XML API
  • [new] web lookup actions in context menus in Market Analysis
  • [fixed] errors when importing data from ESI without a character
  • [fixed] crash when authenticating ESI for unknown character
  • [fixed] missing parameters while setting destination in Eve
  • [fixed] not creating automatic item cost when wallet transaction cache timer hasn’t expired
  • [fixed] importing data for unpublished types
  • [fixed] crazy scaling of station profit axis in Reports
  • [fixed] rare race condition when importing citadels
  • [fixed] missing location from competing orders when citadels have not been imported yet (resulting in “no price data”)
  • [fixed] problems when updating from very old versions
  • [fixed] improper SSO auth window centring
  • [fixed] rare race condition blocking SSO auth for multiple characters
  • [changed] query string in ESI errors
  • [changed] updated links in About Dialog
  • [changed] improved application loading speed
  • [changed] ignoring orders already imported as fulfilled in Reports (skewing data)
  • [changed] new/edit custom cost dialog now focuses on type name
  • [changed] 119.8 database