New version with some minor fixes

2.12 is out and fixes some bugs:

  • [new] option to clear cookies in internal SSO auth window
  • [new] option to set database synchronous flag (advanced users only)
  • [new] total produced quantity in Manufacturing Analysis
  • [fixed] Ore Arbitrage not working
  • [fixed] crash when adding too many items in Manufacturing Analysis
  • [fixed] missing client name in wallet transactions
  • [changed] removed size warning when adding many items in the Manufacturing analysis
  • SilverSynch

    SSO Authorization process is returning {“error”:”invalid_request”,”error_description”:”Some parameters are either missing or invalid”} with the internal and external browser.

    Checking the link shows that no clientid is being sent (“&clientid=” has no data afterwards, it just goes straight to “&scope=”).

    After grepping the source code continuously, constantly looking at related variables that I could find, I’m not sure it was even defined. The trail goes cold with ESIManager::ESIManager(), which is supposed to be called with QByteArray clientId, but I can’t seem to find where it’s called appropriately.

    I am on linux, with breakpad disabled.

    EDIT: After looking through the entire help section, I have determined that I am an idiot. However, the source compilation instructions for linux doesn’t make it clear that getting the clientid yourself is required.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You should define sso/dropbox parameters during compilation:

      • SilverSynch

        I got that, that’s what the edit is for. Unfortunately, the link for the ID and the secret doesn’t seem to be working.

        • Kamil Rojewski
          • SilverSynch

            Now it just shows “test”. That doesn’t appear to be helpful.

          • Kamil Rojewski

            Well, it shows test because it was a test 🙂 This is intended to be the SSO callback, so Eve will redirect to it with the “code” parameter. As you can see, it works when you do it manually. Set it as your application callback on the eve developers page, and that’s it.

          • SilverSynch

            So, what I’m actually supposed to do is sign up as an eve app developer, then register this application for SSO, and then it will work?

          • Kamil Rojewski

            Yes, the official docs explain the whole process:

            Nevertheless, all you need to do it simply register your app, add all the scopes (or take a look at ESIManager.cpp:883 if you want to limit them), set the callback to that page and it’s done.

          • SilverSynch

            Thank you. However, the help section doesn’t seem to clarify very well that you need to make your own client id and secret.

            Also, how does CCP react to having people register unaltered copies of your program?

          • Kamil Rojewski

            I added a section about registering your apps just now; should make thing more clear the next time.

            CCP doesn’t care what applications get registered, as long as they obey all the rules.