New release – 1.25

A new version is here:

  • [new] “Show in EVE” option in the context menu in Market Analysis tab
  • [new] option to ignore type/region combinations from existing orders when importing data in Market Analysis
  • [new] option to turn off minimizing the main window by the Margin Tool (general preferences)
  • [new] URL bar in CREST authentication window
  • [new] possibility to use an external browser for CREST authentication (involves switching CREST application id – need to re-authenticate on first use)
  • [new] saving Market Analysis filters and selected regions/types
  • [new] option to limit sell order copied price to custom cost (price preferences)
  • [fixed] unfriendly error message when adding a corp key without a character
  • [fixed] not including volume in Item History totals
  • [fixed] CREST auth token not updating in a certain situation
  • [fixed] Margin Tool not switching to a new log directory
  • [fixed] Margin Tool completely moving outside the desktop
  • [fixed] CREST authentication window not receiving focus when opened from the Market Analysis tab
  • [fixed] distinguishing BPCs from BPOs
  • [changed] turned off alternative log import method by default on Windows
  • [changed] improved CREST order fetching speed