New features along with citadel locations in 1.47

Version 1.47 is here with some good stuff:

  • [new] exposed custom costs to scripts (see the help page)
  • [new] ability to set price type in Market Analysis (buy/sell)
  • [new] color tags for orders (in context menu)
  • [new] fetching known citadels for order locations
  • [fixed] crash with empty asset lists
  • [changed] computing asset value now uses custom location if set
  • [changed] opening in Eve now uses correct character
  • [changed] 20170112 database
  • Jon Draper

    Can’t seem to get citadels to be recognized in the character orders buy window. Also can’t get market analysis to work.. now giving errors every time I try to use. Says “unable to write” underneath server replies

    • Kamil Rojewski

      I need exact error messages.

      • Kronen Kurt

        Looks like this here



        • Kamil Rojewski

          Can you try resizing it horizontally? Also, do you have any disk space left?

          • Kronen Kurt

            FWIW, it’s working fine when I select just one category of items, maybe it’s just a performance issue on my end? With all categories Evernus becomes unresponsive until you close the popup even after it has hit 100%. There’s plenty of disk space and memory left.

          • Orilt

            Same for me.
            Market analysis stoped working.
            Error message is Unable to write

          • Thorpee

            I’m getting exactly the same issue with the market analysis tool

          • Kamil Rojewski

            Ok, this is weird. I need to investigate.

          • Kronen Kurt
          • Kamil Rojewski

            Tracked it down. This is the CREST server resetting the connection for some reason. This usually happens during downtime.

          • Thorpee

            How do we fix it? 😀

          • Kamil Rojewski

            You can’t – it’s a server issue.

      • Jon Draper

        I find it hard to believe that it still is a server error.. and it only started happening on this update. It’s still not allowing me to use Market Analysis for ship mods. Some categories work.. Also, how come when I set a custom station, it still isn’t able to pull about 50% of the item costs? Anything I can do to import them as Jita prices? Would love to just set the buy orders to Jita prices

        • Kamil Rojewski

          Given that Evernus update correlated with eve update, which was already rolled back once because of the performance issues, I don’t really find it hard to believe. Also, keep in mind that crest throughout its history constantly had various problems. I submitted a bug report, and I’ll see what they manage to find.

  • Michael Pardee

    Hi there, I’m running into a different issue with Market Analysis. I was able to get it to run with no error messages using The Forge region and Manufacture and Research for the inputs, but when the program finished, the score, difference, and margin columns were all zeros. I would imagine this probably is also involved with the CREST server resetting the connection. Thank you by the way for all of the work and effort that you put into this!

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You’re comparing sell prices to sell prices, therefore the difference between them is 0.

      • Michael Pardee

        I suppose I should have looked closer after reading the patch notes. Thank you much!

  • Sara

    Hello there! First of all, I wanted to say that I love your tool. I’ve been having a couple problems getting data imported, but it’s nothing that I absolutely need at the moment.

    My main question or suggestion was this:

    Is there a way to get a total of each “Type” (Such as Planetary Exports, Agent Mission Reward, etc), rather than each and every event? If not, is it possible to add something like that? It’s obviously possible to just add them all together manually, but it would be so much better to get a total of each type at a glance.

    Thank you ahead of time for your answer!


    (Your contact form isn’t working.)

  • Rob L

    Hi, I appreciate your good work and new version!

    I installed 1.47 on my Mac OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan and the program starts and displays the splash screen, but then stops and will only respond to force-quit.

    Please advise if there is something I can do or more information is required. Thanks!

  • Jon Draper

    Hey, just want to let you know that the feature with the FPC that is new allowing “show in eve on copy” ended up getting me banned for 30 days. I petitioned that I was using a 3rd party program that is legal but they have not responded to it at all over a week later. But just for everyone else who might be using that, beware.

    • Morgalis

      How do you know it was the FPC?

      Sorry to hear about that Draper. I have been wondering whether or not the decreased price change times were going to flag the CCP bot detection or whatever they have going on once the career traders began to get more effective at it..

      • Jon Draper

        Well, I hadn’t had any issues at all for a few months when using it the normal way without the FPC “show on copy” option turned on. I turned it on for about 200 orders one night and decided I didn’t like it because it was taking too long to load in eve and so I turned it off. Woke up next morning to log in and I had been banned for macro for 30 days.

        I’ve never used any macro in the game at all.. but the only thing I’ve done that would look like macro is probably whatever command was making it open in the game 200 times in a row close together in time.

        • Kamil Rojewski

          Sorry to hear that. I spoke with the security team about fpc and they said it was OK. This was before opening in eve, so maybe their bot detection wasn’t prepared for that. I’ll ask for clarification.

          • Jon Draper

            No problem. If you hear from them, tell them to lift my ban :/. Tiltshyft is main account login name.. incase you want to put in a good word 🙂

          • Kamil Rojewski

            I cannot explicitly cite any GM, but in general if a tool doesn’t interact with the Eve client, and Evernus does not, it shouldn’t be considered as botting. If this was the case with you, you can make a case based on this.

          • Jon Draper

            Yeah, I tried that. They just decided to not respond at all to the ticket. Been 3 weeks and they haven’t sent one response. Pretty disappointed about it.

  • Stinkys

    @KamilRojewski:disqus this tool is amazing – thank you for creating it! I made my own tool using data from eve-marketdata but now that I have found Evernus I just realise that I have wasted so much time *rolls eyes*

    I was getting the same “unable to write” errors on the market analysis tab but fixed it with the patch that was provided on EVE forums. One question I have is can I add additional columns to market analysis tab such as buy & sell values? When I right click in the table there is no option to adjust columns (as directed from the View menu).

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Sorry, but the market analysis doesn’t have any additional columns.

  • TomDenem

    Maybe I’m on the wrong forum, but would you mind to develop a feature, I miss from Evernus that was in the now defunct EVEMentat?

    On the char journal and transaction list, also on the Market Browser, if select multiple row, could a sum (both unit and ISK) of that selected items appear at the bottom (or below the orders)?

    I used it to roughly measure my trades succes, also to estimate how many ISK would needed to buy all the selected (sell) order in the market browser.