Mining Ledger cometh!

New version is here with the new Mining Ledger support with full 3d data visualization.

Full changelog:

  • [new] ability to set Alpha Clone flag for various data adjustments
  • [new] character Mining Ledger support with 3d visualization (Industry tab; automatic import disabled by default – can be enabled in the Preferences)
  • [new] button to clear ESI refresh tokens in the Network Preferences
  • [fixed] sometimes missing imported competition orders
  • [fixed] possible crash on auth error
  • [fixed] some assets not importing
  • [changed] switched Eve-Central lookup to EVEMarketer
  • [changed] changed Manufacturing analysis name to Manufacturing planner
  • [changed] removed Eve-Central alternative importer
  • [changed] updated graph library for better support for high DPI displays
  • [changed] Lifeblood database