Market analysis comes with 1.23

Version 1.23 just arrived with many new features:

  • [new] Market Analysis tab – real-time suggestions what to trade with much additional per-item data: one-year market history; Bollinger bands, RSI and MACD charts
  • [new] option to delete old fulfilled orders (disabled by default for updating users)
  • [new] option to use UTC times everywhere
  • [fixed] restoring main window position after switching from two monitors to one
  • [fixed] combining statistics
  • [fixed] focus stealing by Active Tasks window
  • [fixed] CREST not refreshing auth token
  • [fixed] refreshing characters when removing a key
  • [fixed] random crash during contract import
  • [fixed] order price calculation on Character tab
  • [changed] Proteus database
  • [changed] remembering previously selected character
  • [changed] returning 0 for BPC prices
  • [changed] better handling of invalid SSL certificates
  • [changed] Margin Tool now saves all orders it parses
  • [changed] updating other player prices is now region-wide
  • [changed] removed cache importer (no need since CREST gives real-time data)