Market analysis comes with 1.23

Version 1.23 just arrived with many new features:

  • [new] Market Analysis tab – real-time suggestions what to trade with much additional per-item data: one-year market history; Bollinger bands, RSI and MACD charts
  • [new] option to delete old fulfilled orders (disabled by default for updating users)
  • [new] option to use UTC times everywhere
  • [fixed] restoring main window position after switching from two monitors to one
  • [fixed] combining statistics
  • [fixed] focus stealing by Active Tasks window
  • [fixed] CREST not refreshing auth token
  • [fixed] refreshing characters when removing a key
  • [fixed] random crash during contract import
  • [fixed] order price calculation on Character tab
  • [changed] Proteus database
  • [changed] remembering previously selected character
  • [changed] returning 0 for BPC prices
  • [changed] better handling of invalid SSL certificates
  • [changed] Margin Tool now saves all orders it parses
  • [changed] updating other player prices is now region-wide
  • [changed] removed cache importer (no need since CREST gives real-time data)


  • NacRuno

    Great work with the tool, love it.

    But just started using CREST with this update and using always on top option with CREST is problematic right now. The CREST verification window doesn’t stay on top, so can’t access it if Evernus covers it completely. It worked out, allowing me to move the CREST window once, but had to terminate the program a couple times

    • msowers

      I had the same problem but am not able to click into the CREST Authentication window. Once the Active Tasks window is up I cannot interact with the other windows which makes it impossible to login.

      • Kamil Rojewski

        This only happens in the market analysis tab and has been already fixed. The next version will work fine.

        • msowers


  • Kendumer

    I love your market analysis tab big time! Some ideas to improve it even more:

    importing data: if only sub-categories are selected it would be very
    useful to be able to still click the root type and therefore do a
    ‘select all’ or ‘deselect all’ action

    – it would also be very
    useful to be able to only update either your favourite items or the ones
    you have orders up for. Alternatively being able to get to the market
    analysis window (the actual graphs) from the order tab (ideally with
    updated market data) to see if it’s time to sell/buy more etc …

    – a nice filter to have: something like 30-day avg volume times the median of min sell and max buy price. That way you can tell what the amount of ISK is actually in that item market.