Major speed bump with 1.28

Version 1.28 is here with major speed bump to CREST import. Changes:

  • [new] configurable CREST import speed
  • [new] ability to add item costs for other characters via context menu in transaction lists
  • [fixed] multiple character import causing large CPU usage
  • [changed] not copying 0ISK when no price data is available
  • [changed] Scylla database

Note: CREST import speed (number of import threads) can be configured in the Network preferences. It is essential that you understand how to tweak this number. Due to CCP breaking some things server-side, setting too high value can result in import errors or server not responding. The default value has been tested on various hardware/system combination and seems to give a perceivable speed bump without the risk of errors. Also note there’s a limit on how much speed can be gained. If you set this number too high, the speed might actually fall down. If you wish to experiment – you can try to find your optimal value; no damage will be done when you overdo it.