Introducing 1.34

Version 1.34 is here. It’s the first version which takes advantage of new update process on Windows. You shouldn’t be required anymore to download full installation package. Instead, you will be prompted for upgrade, which should seamlessly update the application. You can also manually launch the setup and update all packages.


  • [new] character/corporation tab toggle shortcuts in view menu
  • [new] price filters in Market Analysis
  • [new] new database migration system for better update experience (also fixes a bug with updates and synchronization)
  • [fixed] unneeded whitespace after the last column when copying data from Market Analysis
  • [changed] initial CREST import performance improvements
  • [changed] layout improvements in Market Analysis
  • [changed] Galatea database
  • Calpa

    Empty CREST endpoint map. Please wait until endpoints have been fetched.
    What had happened?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Looks like you used CREST before the server managed to reply with the endpoint list. Just wait a bit (few seconds) or restart the app.

      • Calpa

        Problem solved, thank you.