Improved citadel support in 1.45

1.45 is here with an option to set custom reference station per order. This can be used as a workaround for missing order data from citadels. Full changelist:

  • [new] separate buy and sell broker’s fee
  • [new] “Show in Eve” in all transaction views
  • [new] option to show in eve on every fast price copy
  • [new] option to set custom reference station per order – you can now correctly relate prices while trading from citadels
  • [fixed] not ignoring existing corporation orders in market analysis
  • [changed] OSX – using native SSL backend
  • [changed] 20161114 database
  • Tantal Voldar

    Thanks for adding the show in eve on copy!
    But it looks like there is a small bug in it:
    When I fast copy one price, then it changes to the current item in eve (as expected). When I then copy the next price (hotkey again), then the showed item in eve is not changed, its just reloaded. So… the next price is copied, but the item shown is again the first.

    This does not occur, when I manually click on the next item in Evernus before fast-copying it, but the main advantage with fast copy is not have to click in Evernus 😉

  • Stephen Sudholt

    OSX DMG is still 1.44

  • Argon

    How make less delay in API import on character orders? I manually push button but order not refresh on actually param. In settings i put 5 min for all, but timer steel 60 min and then i get actual info… How its change?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You can’t – it’s set by CCP.

      • Argon

        ah, thks for answer… but its bad for me because for station trading in Jita i need more less 60 min))… Maybe its changed in future… i hope… no sense to use they api and crest with 60 min delay for me))

      • Argon

        however thkns for the this program and support all this time, i use it it in future and hope its will be better and better, and one problem with citadels info from API don`t shows name of station and other orders on this citadel, i hope i help make this program better…

  • Rullo

    Thanks for your job mate!

    “option to set custom reference station per order. This can be used as a workaround for missing order data from citadels”

    I tried to set up custom station from right clicking on order but it just shows.. station, not citadels. How you make the workaround?