Fix for latest ESI changes

A new version is out with a workaround for latest ESI issues. After some talking with CCP devs, the conclusion is there were legitimate technical reasons to implement the latest changes and 3rd party apps should simply adapt. The issue is with importing market data from citadels – you can only import from those you have access to, otherwise there will be errors, but to know which you have access to, you need to actually make those requests. This, combined with new error limiting, basically broke every application which used this method of importing. The new reality means applications should work around this issue by first getting and caching the list of available citadels. Unfortunately, this means a few things:

  • Filling the available citadel cache (first import) will be slow – it will take minutes instead of seconds.
  • This cache can become stale, at which point should be refreshed. Evernus by default will do that every 7 days. You can change it in Preferences > Import.
  • There’s some good news to this – further import will be faster than before.

This new version (2.13) is the first implementation of such mechanism. It’s not perfect, but it should work. Further improvements are on the way. You can optimize the cache refresh by ignoring citadels in the Citadel Manager.