• Integrated margin tool for quick margin calculation/price update, with region trading support
  • Character Sheet with tweakable trade skills for experimenting
  • Statistics covering wallet balance, journal, transactions, asset value and order value, over time
  • Advanced configurable aggregated statistics with script processing
  • Quick reports (best items, fastest turnover, etc.)
  • Asset tracking with current value – character and corporation
  • Sell & buy order tracking (current state, history, changes, timeline, transactions, price helpers, etc.) – character and corporation
  • Market analysis with per item details and inter-region trade finder
  • Importing support
  • Ore and scrapmetal arbitrage for fast, risk-free profit
  • Wallet journal tracking – character and corporation
    Wallet Journal
  • Wallet transaction tracking – character and corporation
    Wallet Transactions
  • Contract tracking – character and corporation
  • Item transaction history analysis
    Item History
  • Market browser
    Market Browser
  • Custom costs (eg. for manufacturers)
    Custom Costs
  • Manufacturing planner
  • Mining Ledger with 3d data visualization
  • HTTP Web Service
    HTTP Service
  • Automatic import
  • ESI support (real-time market data)
  • Citadel support
  • Importing/market-seeding
  • Fast Price Copy function
  • Email notifications
  • Multiplatform support (Windows, Linux, OS X)
  • Full internationalization
  • Highly customizable
  • EVE Mentat order history import
  • LMeve integration
  • Dropbox synchronization