Evernus with CREST support and Fast Price Copy

Version 1.21 has been released with major features:

  • [new] always on top feature for main window
  • [new] more verbose price import
  • [new] Fast Price Copy*
  • [fixed] retaining market order column sizes after data update
  • [fixed] multilevel asset list import
  • [changed] Rhea database
  • [changed] sorting item names is now case-insensitive
  • [changed] web price import now uses CREST – up-to-date market data with a single mouse click!
  • [changed] switched to Qt 5.4

* Fast Price Copy allows you to update your orders in a very fast manner. Simply assign a keyboard shortcut in the “Price” preferences, select an order in any market order view and press the shortcut to copy the updated price and automatically jump to the next order on the list. You can do this even when Evernus doesn’t have the input focus – the keyboard shortcut works system-wide. You can use this to update your prices without ever leaving Eve client.

  • Chidoriol

    First, thanks for your hard work but I don’t understand how to use fast price copy even with your explanation, could you also explain how it is different/better than the price copy in the margin tool ?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      To use FPC first assign a keyboard shortcut in the settings and enable the feature. I recommend something close to ctrl+v, like ctrl+f that I use. Then select a starting order in one of Evernus’ order lists. After hitting the shortcut, you should get a new price copied to the clipboard and the selection should move down. You don’t have to switch back to evernus application to make it work – the shortcut works system-wide.

  • msoltyspl

    FPC is absolutely fantastic feature. I can easily hit “slow down” popup with it, which is kind of scary for certain reasons =)

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Share your experience on the forums. Let people know evernus is good 🙂

  • MrNevor

    Just downloaded your application and I really like it so far. Maybe I am dense, but I dont get automatic copying of new price when using the fastpricetool. The shortcut works fine and I see in the market order view in Evernus that it moves, but no auto copying. What am I doing wrong?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      If you see the selection moving, the new price should be copied to your clipboard. Did you import prices via CREST? If there’s no price data, new price won’t be copied.

      • MrNevor

        I was doing something wrong, its working when I tried it now. I had imported via CREST. Thanks for the really quick reply and thanks for a great application. Could you post the url for your eveonline forum post? I am certainly going to endorse your software there 😀

  • Mondain

    Fast Price Copy does not work for me for some reason.. reinstalled evernus multiple times / run as admin. I set up the shortcut key.. when I press the shortcut I can visibly see it targeting the next item on my market order list however it does not copy the price.