ESI upgrade release

New version is out which reflects newest changes to ESI endpoint. If you’re using an old one – it will probably stop working after today.

  • [fixed] Importing tab filters not applying
  • [changed] updated ESI endpoints
  • JDMov


    The ‘character orders -> Sell’ screen has some sort of intermittant bug.

    Normally, my sell orders appear red if someone else is offering the same item at a cheaper price. The Evernus screen is telling me that I have the lowest price set, but when I visited the systems and checked manually, most of my bids had been undercut.

    Wierdly tho, on some stations it is reading correctly – ie showing when I’ve been undercut.

    All the stations are NPC stations, no citadels involved.

    Is there a way to ‘reset’ the database without losing all my statistics?