Evernus can be downloaded in two ways – binary release and source code. If you don’t understand those terms or simply need a precompiled binary, download the latest installer.

Current version: 3.8

Binary releases

Windows installer – EvernusSetup.exe
OS X .dmg – Evernus-3.6.dmg

Older releases:

Minimum requirements:
  • Windows 7 – Windows version
  • OS X 10.10 – OS X version

Source Code

Information on building from source can be found on the Contributing page.

Issues can be submitted to the official issue tracker.


Evernus comes with an experimental Docker image: krojew/evernus. You can use it to build and/or run Evernus. Note: the image requires you to forward X server socket to the container, along with all necessary hardware acceleration files (host dependent) and sound device (see repository description for details).

Latest Docker images are no longer available due to



  • [changed] updated ESI endpoints


  • [new] option to not remove existing citadels on import (import preferences or Citadel Manager)
  • [new] possibility to add your own citadels in the Citadel Manager
  • [changed] dropped support for the 32bit version
  • [changed] bumped Qt to 5.11.1


  • [new] option to remove Dropbox access tokens in preferences
  • [new] importing corp. blueprints in the Industry tab
  • [fixed] resetting broker fees on character import
  • [changed] better BPO/BPC detection
  • [changed] new Qt libraries, which should solve some network issues
  • [changed] new ESI domain
  • [changed] removed conquerable stations


  • [fixed] initial wallet import never finishing
  • [fixed] not refreshing access token in some edge cases
  • [fixed] not throttling requests on 429 error
  • [fixed] crash on character removal
  • [fixed] rare startup crash


  • [new] –force-sde-update option to force SDE download
  • [fixed] “database is locked” error (this time for sure)
  • [fixed] not downloading Eve database when none is present


  • [new] showing aggregated data for order selection in the Market Browser (and other similar order views)
  • [new] exe version info for Window
  • [new] updating SDE at application start
  • [fixed] corporation wallet data not showing
  • [fixed] ESI client problems for 32bit Windows version
  • [fixed] ignoring orders in inter-region trading if buying form sell orders which are empty
  • [fixed] “database is locked” error (hopefully)
  • [changed] removed unused “threads” network setting
  • [changed] HTTP/2 seems to be stable, thus enabled by default


  • [fixed] “resource is busy” error


  • [new] experimental HTTP/2 support
  • [new] improvements to database performance
  • [new] log ESI replies setting
  • [fixed] importing invalid contract items for corp contracts
  • [fixed] corp wallet division using legacy numbering
  • [fixed] rare crash in station select dialog
  • [fixed] invalid_token for character verification
  • [fixed] invalid import price in importing analysis
  • [changed] major internal ESI refactoring – dropped support for XML API
  • [changed] ESI authentication is now browser-only
  • [changed] 20180324 database


  • [fixed] Importing tab filters not applying
  • [changed] updated ESI endpoints


  • [new] filters in importing analysis
  • [fixed] crash when removing characters
  • [fixed] custom costs sometimes not filling from completed orders
  • [fixed] missing competition orders
  • [changed] corp orders are imported from logs along with character orders
  • [changed] 20171205 database


  • [new] context menu in the Manufacturing Planner for added items
  • [fixed] edge-case crash in Market Browser
  • [changed] saving successfully imported prices regardless of error


  • [new] ability to set Alpha Clone flag for various data adjustments
  • [new] character Mining Ledger support with 3d visualization (Industry tab; automatic import disabled by default – can be enabled in the Preferences)
  • [new] button to clear ESI refresh tokens in the Network Preferences
  • [fixed] sometimes missing imported competition orders
  • [fixed] possible crash on auth error
  • [fixed] some assets not importing
  • [changed] switched Eve-Central lookup to EVEMarketer
  • [changed] changed Manufacturing analysis name to Manufacturing planner
  • [changed] removed Eve-Central alternative importer
  • [changed] updated graph library for better support for high DPI displays
  • [changed] Lifeblood database


  • [new] showing unavailable citadels in the Citadel Manager
  • [new] manual citadel access cache refresh button in the Citadel Manager
  • [new] removing unavailable types from region-type presets on update
  • [fixed] not importing data from some citadels


  • [fixed] fix for latest ESI changes (error limiting)


  • [new] option to clear cookies in internal SSO auth window
  • [new] option to set database synchronous flag (advanced users only)
  • [new] total produced quantity in Manufacturing Analysis
  • [fixed] Ore Arbitrage not working
  • [fixed] crash when adding too many items in Manufacturing Analysis
  • [fixed] missing client name in wallet transactions
  • [changed] removed size warning when adding many items in the Manufacturing analysis


  • [fixed] crash when importing orders from citadels
  • [fixed] incorrect connection lines in manufacturing setup
  • [changed] improved manufacturing setup item adding by A LOT


  • [fixed] crash when importing wallet transactions via ESI
  • [fixed] “(unknown)” character name in SSO authentication window


  • [new] Manufacturing analysis tab
  • [new] option to turn off Breakpad integration when building from source
  • [new] importing wallet journal/transactions via ESI
  • [fixed] potential crash when deleting market orders
  • [fixed] opening main window on incorrect screen
  • [fixed] crash in Market Analysis graphs when Eve doesn’t send any item history
  • [fixed] infinite token refresh loop for ESI
  • [fixed] station select button not always properly filling initial station
  • [fixed] creating absurd numbers of ESI threads
  • [fixed] double changed message when selecting favorite location in Market Analysis
  • [fixed] rare crash after fetching ESI token for unknown character
  • [changed] improved whole market import speed


  • [fixed] crash in Importing tab
  • [fixed] invalid quantity when importing blueprints from ESI
  • [changed] removed max width for station selection dialog


  • [new] region+station presets for Market Analysis
  • [new] generating crash reports in an unlikely event of a hard crash
  • [new] some help tooltips
  • [new] type details in Importing analysis
  • [new] verbose logging to file
  • [new] median destination volume in Importing analysis
  • [new] mean absolute deviation in Importing analysis
  • [new] accepting $ in costs in new/edit custom cost dialog (e.g. for pasting from Excel)
  • [new] CSV import/export of custom costs
  • [new] possibility to switch to ESI import from XML API
  • [new] web lookup actions in context menus in Market Analysis
  • [fixed] errors when importing data from ESI without a character
  • [fixed] crash when authenticating ESI for unknown character
  • [fixed] missing parameters while setting destination in Eve
  • [fixed] not creating automatic item cost when wallet transaction cache timer hasn’t expired
  • [fixed] importing data for unpublished types
  • [fixed] crazy scaling of station profit axis in Reports
  • [fixed] rare race condition when importing citadels
  • [fixed] missing location from competing orders when citadels have not been imported yet (resulting in “no price data”)
  • [fixed] problems when updating from very old versions
  • [fixed] improper SSO auth window centring
  • [fixed] rare race condition blocking SSO auth for multiple characters
  • [changed] query string in ESI errors
  • [changed] updated links in About Dialog
  • [changed] improved application loading speed
  • [changed] ignoring orders already imported as fulfilled in Reports (skewing data)
  • [changed] new/edit custom cost dialog now focuses on type name
  • [changed] 119.8 database


  • [new] collateral support in Importing tab
  • [new] custom tax in arbitrage
  • [new] packaged sizes for modules
  • [new] ability to ignore citadels from import (Menu->Tools->Citadel manager)
  • [new] option to hide rows with 0 source orders when source price type is “sell”
  • [new] option to ignore price percentiles in Region Analysis
  • [new] custom avg. period in Region Analysis
  • [fixed] arbitrage tax calculations
  • [fixed] copying to clipboard on OSX
  • [fixed] multi order deletion not working sometimes
  • [fixed] “Show in EVE” not working sometimes in Regional Analysis
  • [fixed] hijacking “a” key on OSX
  • [fixed] not updating Market Analysis when data changes on the Character tab
  • [fixed] forgetting color tags and notes of market orders
  • [fixed] missing custom cost for corp assets
  • [fixed] wrong custom value for individual assets
  • [fixed] missing translations
  • [fixed] Margin Tool slowing down with lots of log files
  • [changed] separated buy and sell order counts in Inter-Region Analysis
  • [changed] remembering custom location button status for assets
  • [changed] 119.7 database


  • [new] more tooltips
  • [new] ability to choose between volume and order count in market analysis item details
  • [new] order counts in market analysis tabs
  • [new] configurable default analysis period in market analysis item details (Statistics preferences)
  • [fixed] not being able to delete multiple market orders
  • [fixed] potential crash when filtering assets
  • [fixed] Eve database location on Linux
  • [fixed] using improper location for price import in market orders tab
  • [fixed] incorrect source volume in arbitrage
  • [changed] importing data in the Market Browser now allows explicit items and regions, like in the Market Analysis


  • [new] custom costs for assets
  • [new] remembering size of Market Analysis details window
  • [new] network retries now work with the XML API
  • [new] some helper icons and tooltips
  • [new] inter-region market details
  • [new] importing support
  • [new] aggregated assets view (Assets tab)
  • [new] showing release notes on update
  • [new] ore and scrapmetal arbitrage for fast risk-free profit
  • [new] configurable number of threads for ESI imports (Network preferences)
  • [new] quick reports tab (Statistics tab) – best item, fastest orders, station profit…
  • [new] warning when enabling email notifications without all SMTP data present
  • [new] presets in importing items for given regions
  • [new] logging to file (debug help)
  • [fixed] invalid handling of range threshold for station-only buy orders in the Margin Tool
  • [fixed] ignoring “ignored” status in total calculation for wallet transactions
  • [fixed] price status for buy orders sometimes used incorrect reference station
  • [fixed] no name displayed when location cannot be found
  • [fixed] region analysis now correctly distinguishes market orders from limit orders
  • [fixed] not accounting gaps in market history for inter-region analysis
  • [fixed] legend visible when initially turned off on graphs
  • [fixed] empty item list in Item History
  • [changed] directory layout for resources (be aware if building yourself)
  • [changed] not freezing the application when making requests
  • [changed] refreshing character data in other tabs, when something changes on the Character tab
  • [changed] not recalculating everything on price type change in the Market Analysis
  • [changed] huge improvement in ESI importing speed (about 3-4x faster)
  • [changed] forwarding error messages from ESI, instead of generic ones
  • [changed] 119.6 database


  • [fixed] bug causing large amounts of requests sent for citadel data


  • [fixed] citadel orders not always being taken into account


  • [new] fetching orders from citadels
  • [new] configurable retries in case of ESI errors (Network Preferences – default: 3)
  • [fixed] some network errors not showing up
  • [fixed] possible db errors when reverting to earlier versions
  • [changed] multiline errors in active tasks dialog are now split into actual many lines instead of a giant one
  • [changed] added some help texts to various tabs
  • [changed] new colors for candlesticks in technical analysis for items
  • [changed] different price types by default in Market Analysis, to avoid 0ISK difference confusion
  • [changed] 119.5 database


  • [new] possibility to set a default custom station in order preferences page
  • [new] citadels appear in every station selection
  • [new] custom range threshold for the Margin Tool (data source tab) – ability to include prices outside order range
  • [new] custom Fast Price Copy dialog – you can paste your own data for FPC
  • [new] possibility to set backwards FPC shortcut
  • [new] possibility to unbind FPC shortcuts by Esc
  • [changed] switched to Dropbox API v2 and improved setup experience
  • [changed] completely abandoned CREST in favor of ESI
  • [changed] 201603 database


  • [new] exposed custom costs to scripts (see the help page)
  • [new] ability to set price type in Market Analysis (buy/sell)
  • [new] color tags for orders (in context menu)
  • [new] fetching known citadels for order locations
  • [fixed] crash with empty asset lists
  • [changed] computing asset value now uses custom location if set
  • [changed] opening in Eve now uses correct character
  • [changed] 20170112 database


  • [fixed] deleting more orders than selected
  • [fixed] not opening proper item on Fast Price Copy


  • [new] separate buy and sell broker’s fee
  • [new] “Show in Eve” in all transaction views
  • [new] option to show in eve on every fast price copy
  • [new] option to set custom reference station per order – you can now correctly relate prices while trading from citadels
  • [fixed] not ignoring existing corporation orders in market analysis
  • [changed] OSX – using native SSL backend
  • [changed] 20161114 database


  • [new] support for high DPI scaling
  • [new] Market Analysis view columns can now be manipulated
  • [new] “Show in EVE” in asset view
  • [fixed] build on some compilers/systems
  • [changed] opening market details/setting navigation now uses CREST
  • [changed] removed IGB support


  • [new] applications parameters:
    • –force-version=VER – force version to be VER
    • –no-update – don’t perform any update, just bump the version number
  • [new] option to add constant and relative costs to all item costs
  • [new] option to limit copied costs to total item costs (with taxes; price preferences)
  • [new] multiple item history views
  • [fixed] crash when archiving old orders
  • [fixed] incorrect values in transaction plots
  • [fixed] 0 volume in Market Analysis
  • [fixed] incorrect margin calculation with skills included in Market Analysis
  • [changed] recalculating margins with skills when checkbox is toggled in Market Analysis
  • [changed] 20160809 database


  • [new] whole market import – you can selected market order import type in the import source preferences:
    • Individual – import each type separately; this is the old behavior
    • Whole – import whole region market at once and filter the result; current implementation given by CCP is very slow, so you should only use it for importing large number of types per region
    • Auto (default) – try to guess which method will be faster
  • [fixed] custom broker’s fee was multiplied by 100
  • [changed] 20160531 database


  • [new] option to combine market orders for all characters
  • [new] option to color low volume orders (order preferences)
  • [new] flagging unusual volumes in Market Analysis
  • [new] option to expand/collapse all assets
  • [new] ability to toggle sample data in the Margin Tool
  • [new] option to ignore orders with min. volume > 1 by the Margin Tool (price preferences)
  • [fixed] NaN margin with no orders
  • [fixed] fixed eve-central import error when CREST is down
  • [fixed] database error on edge case while importing orders
  • [changed] significantly improved database performance
  • [changed] ability to add multiple favorite items at once in Market Browser
  • [changed] assets are now sorted alphabetically by default
  • [changed] switched to new CREST endpoint
  • [changed] new fee calculations
  • [changed] Citadel database
  • [changed] moved global functions to EveDataProvider namespace


  • [new] ability to apply date format to graphs (general preferences)
  • [fixed] crash when CREST endpoints could not be downloaded
  • [changed] YC-118-3 database


  • [fixed] incorrect volume computation in inter-region analysis
  • [changed] bound standings to -10..10


  • [new] ability to customize column delimiter when copying whole rows of data (General preferences)
  • [new] ability to switch market order providers (CREST, Eve-Central) in the Import Source preferences
  • [new] ability to set notes for multiple orders at once
  • [changed] high-resolution images for high-resolution OSX
  • [changed] Margin Tool dialog UI improvements
  • [changed] February database
  • [changed] brought back market order scan feature for IGB


  • [new] ability to perform tasks in background – now you can close and open the tasks dialog when you wish; including adding new tasks while other are still in progress
  • [changed] Frostline database


  • [new] option to use skills for difference calculations in market analysis (note: margin always uses skills)
  • [new] ability to select corporation wallet division in corporation import preferences
  • [new] option to add random value to price delta
  • [new] corporation assets
  • [new] ability to turn off automatic value snapshots and make manual ones for statistics
  • [changed] alternating row colors in margin tool sample tables
  • [changed] moved statistics preferences to their section in the Preferences window
  • [changed] pending CREST reply counters now use progressive updates (no more seemingly unresponsive window due to event queue filling up)
  • [changed] made market analysis import not hanging the window while processing data
  • [changed] switched to public CREST because of heavy CCP request limiting
  • [changed] removed CREST thread count setting
  • [changed] Parallax database


  • [new] tooltip with details on statistics graph
  • [new] graph color preferences
  • [new] inter-region market analysis
  • [new] bogus order filtering for market analysis
  • [fixed] rare crash on CREST request sending
  • [fixed] forgetting CREST endpoints on thread count change
  • [fixed] crash on editing item costs after character switch
  • [changed] retrying to fetch CREST endpoints if the server fails to respond in time
  • [changed] hiding market groups with no tradeable types in market analysis
  • [changed] reduced remaining CREST request counter in UI to stop event loop spam
  • [changed] Vanguard database


  • [new] character/corporation tab toggle shortcuts in view menu
  • [new] price filters in Market Analysis
  • [new] new database migration system for better update experience (also fixes a bug with updates and synchronization)
  • [fixed] unneeded whitespace after the last column when copying data from Market Analysis
  • [changed] initial CREST import performance improvements
  • [changed] layout improvements in Market Analysis
  • [changed] Galatea database


  • [new] sorting by volume in order views
  • [new] ability to minimize the Margin Tool
  • [fixed] not counting top item in assets
  • [fixed] CCP broken date export in logs
  • [changed] Aegis database
  • [changed] clearing market analysis selected items after every version update
  • [changed] not showing price delta on missing price data
  • [changed] using new update process on Windows


  • [new] clicking on a price type radio button in the Margin Tool copies the new price
  • [new] best margin column in the sell order list
  • [new] possibility to ignore invalid certificates in the preferences (not recommended!)
  • [new] bundled Mozilla CA certificates on OSX due to OpenSSL bug
  • [fixed] possibility to overwrite Dropbox database with a blank one
  • [fixed] nested BPCs price calculation
  • [fixed] inconsistent overbid detection in the IGB service
  • [fixed] flagging fulfilled orders as overbid
  • [changed] Carnyx database


  • [new] possibility of setting server reply timeout in network preferences
  • [changed] increased server reply timeout default to 1800s


  • [new] ability to select and copy whole rows/columns of data in Market Analysis
  • [fixed] solar system distance calculation
  • [fixed] hanging requests will now correctly time out
  • [changed] contract totals calculation will now only take in progress and outstanding contracts
  • [changed] Mosaic database


  • [new] “normalizedDiff” property for market order script filtering – a diff which retains sign regardless of order type
  • [new] properties for ExternalOrder script object:
    • volumeEntered
    • volumeRemaining
    • minVolume
    • issued
    • duration
  • [new] German translation (thanks to Hel O’Ween)
  • [fixed] error handling in CREST price import which could cause a deadlock
  • [fixed] restoring proxy settings on restart
  • [fixed] typos
  • [changed] removed Trade Advisor links, since it’s unneeded because of CREST
  • [changed] increased aggregated statistics limit to 10 000


  • [new] configurable CREST import speed (please read this)
  • [new] ability to add item costs for other characters via context menu in transaction lists
  • [fixed] multiple character import causing large CPU usage
  • [changed] not copying 0ISK when no price data is available
  • [changed] Scylla database


  • [new] notes in market orders
  • [new] market analysis trend line
  • [new] wallet and journal summaries in statistics
  • [fixed] some error messages were silently discarded
  • [fixed] initial contract filtering
  • [fixed] applying price delta to buy prices from custom sources in margin tool
  • [fixed] workaround for invalid issue date in market logs
  • [changed] removed market scan from IGB


  • [fixed] internal CREST fixes (if you get auth errors in previous versions, update to this one; if not – blame CCP for crap input validation)
  • [fixed] totals computation in transactions
  • [fixed] potential error in auto cost computation
  • [changed] aligned prices right in certain places
  • [changed] Tiamat database


  • [new] “Show in EVE” option in the context menu in Market Analysis tab
  • [new] option to ignore type/region combinations from existing orders when importing data in Market Analysis
  • [new] option to turn off minimizing the main window by the Margin Tool (general preferences)
  • [new] URL bar in CREST authentication window
  • [new] possibility to use an external browser for CREST authentication (involves switching CREST application id – need to re-authenticate on first use)
  • [new] saving Market Analysis filters and selected regions/types
  • [new] option to limit sell order copied price to custom cost (price preferences)
  • [fixed] unfriendly error message when adding a corp key without a character
  • [fixed] not including volume in Item History totals
  • [fixed] CREST auth token not updating in a certain situation
  • [fixed] Margin Tool not switching to a new log directory
  • [fixed] Margin Tool completely moving outside the desktop
  • [fixed] CREST authentication window not receiving focus when opened from the Market Analysis tab
  • [fixed] distinguishing BPCs from BPOs
  • [changed] turned off alternative log import method by default on Windows
  • [changed] improved CREST order fetching speed


  • [new] option to refresh data for all characters at once (available in import preferences)
  • [new] option to combine assets and wallet data for all characters
  • [fixed] never ending contract import in a specific situation
  • [changed] unknown ETA is now at the bottom of the list when sorting


  • [new] Market Analysis tab – real-time suggestions what to trade with much additional per-item data: one-year market history; Bollinger bands, RSI and MACD charts
  • [new] option to delete old fulfilled orders (disabled by default for updating users)
  • [new] option to use UTC times everywhere
  • [fixed] restoring main window position after switching from two monitors to one
  • [fixed] combining statistics
  • [fixed] focus stealing by Active Tasks window
  • [fixed] CREST not refreshing auth token
  • [fixed] refreshing characters when removing a key
  • [fixed] random crash during contract import
  • [fixed] order price calculation on Character tab
  • [changed] Proteus database
  • [changed] remembering previously selected character
  • [changed] returning 0 for BPC prices
  • [changed] better handling of invalid SSL certificates
  • [changed] Margin Tool now saves all orders it parses
  • [changed] updating other player prices is now region-wide
  • [changed] removed cache importer (no need since CREST gives real-time data)


  • [new] sound settings – currently only Fast Price Copy sound available
  • [new] ability to set autopilot destination from Assets tab
  • [new] ability to set custom CREST client id and secret via the command line: –crest-id and –crest-secret
  • [fixed] importing prices with no asset list imported
  • [fixed] empty FPC shortcut handling
  • [changed] removed EMDR uploader
  • [changed] greatly improved CREST performance


  • [new] always on top feature for main window
  • [new] more verbose price import
  • [new] Fast Price Copy*
  • [fixed] retaining market order column sizes after data update
  • [fixed] multilevel asset list import
  • [changed] Rhea database
  • [changed] sorting item names is now case-insensitive
  • [changed] web price import now uses CREST – up-to-date market data with a single mouse click!
  • [changed] switched to Qt 5.4

* Fast Price Copy allows you to update your orders in a very fast manner. Simply assign a keyboard shortcut, select an order in any market order view and press the shortcut to copy the updated price and automatically jump to the next order on the list. You can do this even when Evernus doesn’t have the input focus – the keyboard shortcut works system-wide. You can use this to update your prices without ever leaving Eve client.


  • [new] option to not display ISK with prices
  • [new] region column in market browser
  • [fixed] security filter in market browser giving wrong results
  • [fixed] market browser total cost calculation (not counting volume)
  • [fixed] workaround for EVE API server bug sometimes refusing to return wallet journal and transaction data
  • [fixed] occasional crash when importing prices from Web


  • [new] getTypeName() and getLocationName() script functions are now available in filters
  • [changed] buy order value is now taken from escrow
  • [changed] Margin Tool now resizes better
  • [changed] Phoebe database


  • [fixed] sync when closing app from Margin Tool
  • [fixed] workaround for invalid order date in market logs
  • [changed] switched off tab label elision for OS X
  • [changed] Margin Tool remembers its geometry after changing “always on top”


  • [new] market uploader – uploads fresh market data to various market sites (disabled by default)
  • [fixed] profit column in order history
  • [fixed] sometimes downloading up-to-date sync database
  • [changed] Oceanus database


  • [new] ability to set custom station for asset price calculation
  • [new] Trade Advisor link in IGB
  • [fixed] empty column in station select view
  • [fixed] restoring competition market order view header state in market orders tab
  • [fixed] remembering standings on import
  • [fixed] rare case of duplicating items in assets on import
  • [fixed] order value doubling in statistics since 1.13
  • [fixed] sync with non-english locale
  • [fixed] rare crash on startup sync
  • [changed] removed “ISK” from edits in Margin Tool
  • [changed] moved station selection to the right in the LMeve tab


  • [fixed] not updating orders under some curcumstances


  • [new] LMeve integration
  • [new] Dropbox database synchronization
  • [new] character selection in File menu
  • [new] buyout value in Margin Tool
  • [fixed] corporation wallet statistics not showing
  • [changed] better expired order detection
  • [changed] own buy order range is taken into account while searching for competing orders


  • [new] option to ignore re-importing already cached data (defaults to false for upgrading users; true for new installations)
  • [new] option to specify default market log import source (API/logs)
  • [new] “price difference, %” column for sell orders – price difference divided by custom cost (you can hide/move it via context menu)
  • [new] option to auto-copy non-overbid prices from price helper popup (Price preferences; defaults to false)
  • [new] transaction view info panel – total quantity, size, income, costs, balance and profit
  • [new] total income, cost and margin info for sell orders
  • [new] ability to input custom prices into the Margin Tool – you can experiment with any data you wish
  • [new] ability to remove stored text filters via right-click menu on text drop-down list
  • [new] restoring main window after closing the Margin Tool
  • [new] date range quick filters (Today, Past day, This week, Past week, This month, Past month)
  • [new] ability to hide main tabs
  • [new] allowing only one instance of Evernus to be launched
  • [new] ability to clear market browser data (competition prices)
  • [fixed] corporation market orders sometimes not importing from API
  • [fixed] auto-costs from corporation orders
  • [fixed] table column state sometimes not restoring
  • [changed] corporation market order value snapshots are taken separately, but combined with character’s in statistics (fixes strange value oscillations)
  • [changed] column showed/hidden/moved state is now stored individually for each table
  • [changed] IGB now removes duplicate item types
  • [changed] toggling “script” in market order tab now clears filter text
  • [changed] floating point numbers in scriptable statistics now use fixed-point format instead of scientific


  • [new] option to display packaged ship sizes
  • [fixed] partial corporation orders in IGB
  • [fixed] sorting by ETA
  • [fixed] crash when trying to communicate with non-existent IGB connection


  • [new] all tables now save their hidden and moved columns
  • [new] favorite items in IGB
  • [new] overbid/undercut orders in IGB
  • [new] below min. margin orders in IGB
  • [new] copy suggested price in context menus
  • [new] contract timer warning in character tab
  • [new] corporation wallet status in statistics
  • [new] option to combine wallet journal/transactions with character’s (Price settings in Preferences)
  • [new] deleting orders from order tables
  • [new] market browser quick link in context menus
  • [new] auto-import prices when market scan completes
  • [new] possibility to open market in EVE from a context menu in Evernus
  • [fixed] incorrect corporation order owner when importing from logs
  • [fixed] ETA calculation now displays correct values
  • [fixed] character removal
  • [fixed] margin tool opening only once from IGB
  • [fixed] importing HUGE asset lists from the Web
  • [fixed] unit size number formating in market browser
  • [changed] leading and trailing whitespace is now removed from key vCode – no more manual trimming
  • [changed] not showing market orders for order history
  • [changed] batch database storing now happens in a separate thread (no more freezing)
  • [changed] new user agent when polling API


  • [new] contracts tab (character and corporation)
  • [new] thousands separator in plots
  • [new] filtering market orders now applies to all columns
  • [new] make install support on Linux
  • [new] helper tooltips in deviation configuration
  • [new] best margin column in buy orders
  • [new] price difference column for market orders
  • [new] option to combine own corporation orders in character orders (defaults to true)
  • [new] competing orders in order tabs
  • [new] ability to toggle legend on plots
  • [new] option to limit orders to current station in IGB
  • [fixed] price helper popup disappearing instantly on OS X
  • [fixed] closing margin toll on OS X
  • [fixed] margin tool show crash on OS X
  • [fixed] corporation orders in IGB
  • [fixed] web price import for corporation orders
  • [fixed] best buy/sell deviation now correctly chooses its reference
  • [changed] main menu now adheres to Apple design guidelines on OS X
  • [changed] default plot number format changed to “fixed”
  • [changed] corporation wallet no longer makes wallet snapshots
  • [changed] updated database to Hyperion


  • [new] option to stop market scan at end of item list
  • [new] item history tab
  • [new] margin column in buy orders based on current order and best known sell order
  • [new] ability to hide columns in tables via context menu
  • [new] option to refresh prices after order import with selectable import source
  • [new] option to delete old cache files
  • [fixed] corporation transaction and journal import
  • [fixed] internal API cache fix


  • [new] market browser tab
  • [new] copy to clipboard buttons in Margin Tool
  • [fixed] corporation orders import from logs
  • [fixed] transactions import with auto-adding custom costs disabled
  • [fixed] empty script error message
  • [fixed] overflow in price query
  • [fixed] API import errors with no characters
  • [fixed] bad asset value snapshot with no characters
  • [changed] auto-completion in filter edits is now case sensitive
  • [changed] internal API cache file layout fix – no more “path too long” errors for those messing in there on Windows
  • [changed] warning bar now shows no data warning for no characters


  • [new] auto-guessing cache path
  • [fixed] price import due to obscure Microsoft compiler bug
  • [fixed] corporation orders log import


  • [new] market scan
  • [new] ETA of order completion
  • [new] rearranged columns in order tables are saved
  • [new] script order filtering
  • [new] option to choose plot number format
  • [fixed] monospace font in script editor
  • [fixed] overwriting new item prices with obsolete ones with log import
  • [changed] using IPv4 link for HTTP service


  • [new] corporation orders in IGB
  • [new] combined statistics
  • [new] script statistics processing
  • [new] auto import
  • [new] email notifications
  • [new] HTTP web service (read-only for now)
  • [new] option to specify log name wildcard
  • [new] sorting by overbid/undercut status
  • [fixed] obsolete “ghost orders” staying visible
  • [fixed] corporation market log import
  • [fixed] corporation order import without all issuers in the DB
  • [fixed] invalid buy order price status filtering


  • [new] option to share item costs between characters
  • [new] corporation orders support
  • [new] corporation wallet journal support
  • [new] corporation wallet transactions support
  • [fixed] critical fix to race condition in auto adding item costs
  • [changed] ui tweaks


  • [new] ability to add transactions to custom costs by right click menu – just select interesting transactions and click
  • [new] option to auto add item costs on fulfilled buy orders
  • [new] option to specify custom date/time format; defaults to current locale settings
  • [new] region trading functionality – Margin Tool now allows to select custom station as a buy order source
  • [new] option to auto create asset value snapshots without full price info
  • [changed] displaying minus sign on buy transactions
  • [changed] including skills/standings in profit calculations on the orders tab
  • [changed] some UI tweaks
  • [changed] storing orders immediately on import by Margin Tool
  • [changed] disabling IGB buttons to respect IGB API time limit


  • [new] update notifications
  • [new] advanced statistics: you can create custom aggregate order data reports
  • [fixed] issue with importing prices to large asset lists (#4)
  • [fixed] invalid asset value snapshot
  • [changed] auto-close is enabled by default for active task window


Evernus is licensed under GNU GPLv3. For full license information, please read the LICENSE file.