Corporation fixes and more

The new version is out and fixes some annoying bugs, especially visible for corporation owners. Furthermore, this release is the first with a new release cycle. Previously Evernus releases were tied to SDE releases by CCP. Unfortunately, SDE tends to pop up rather randomly, therefore Evernus now tries to download the latest version on startup, whenever it appears. This means new version will come out when considered ready, regardless of SDE.

  • [new] showing aggregated data for order selection in the Market Browser (and other similar order views)
  • [new] exe version info for Window
  • [new] updating SDE at application start
  • [fixed] corporation wallet data not showing
  • [fixed] ESI client problems for 32bit Windows version
  • [fixed] ignoring orders in inter-region trading if buying form sell orders which are empty
  • [fixed] “database is locked” error (hopefully)
  • [changed] removed unused “threads” network setting
  • [changed] HTTP/2 seems to be stable, thus enabled by default

If you have disabled HTTP/2 in the previous version, it is highly recommended to enable it now.