Category: Releases

Hotfix #2 to latest version

Some new errors were found and fixed in the latest version: [fixed] crash when importing orders from citadels [fixed] incorrect connection lines in manufacturing setup [changed] improved manufacturing setup item adding speed by A LOT

Hotfix for 2.7

2.8 is out with a fix to potential crash: [fixed] crash when importing wallet transactions via ESI [fixed] “(unknown)” character name in SSO authentication window

The most versatile manufacturing planner

New version is here with the first set of industry features – manufacturing analysis/planning. Before getting into the details, here’s the full list of changes: [new] Manufacturing analysis tab [new] option to turn off Breakpad integration when building from source

Hotfix for importing problems

2.5 is out and it fixes a crash which was occurring in certain situations in the Importing tab. All changes: [fixed] crash in Importing tab [fixed] invalid quantity when importing blueprints from ESI [changed] removed max width for station selection

Slowly switching to ESI in 2.4

New version is out and it’s the first one which starts to focus on ESI import. Historically, 3rd party apps only had old XML API available. This API is error-prone, has long cache timers and doesn’t support citadels at all.

2.2 new and old stuff

2.2 is out with lots of new stuff and fixes: [new] collateral support in Importing tab [new] custom tax in arbitrage [new] packaged sizes for modules [new] ability to ignore citadels from import (Menu->Tools->Citadel manager) [new] option to hide rows

Maintenance release for 2.x branch

First maintenance release for the new 2.x branch is here: [new] more tooltips [new] ability to choose between volume and order count in market analysis item details [new] order counts in market analysis tabs [new] configurable default analysis period in

Experimental Docker image

Evernus now has an experimental Docker image: krojew/evernus. If you are familiar with Docker, you use it to build/run the application. Note: please see the downloads page for more details.

3-year anniversary edition

This release marks the 3rd year since work on Evernus started. The number of changes is so great, the version has been bumped to 2.0. Highlights include: importing support in Market Analysis ore and scrapmetal arbitrage support new reports huge

Hotfix #2 for citadels

A serious bug has been fixed: [fixed] bug causing large amounts of requests sent for citadel data