Category: Releases

Hotfix for 3.0

3.0 final release introduced an unexpected bug with, what seemed to be, a very small change. This should be fixed in 3.1.

Another major milestone

Version 3.0 is available now. It’s the first version which uses ESI for all data imports. This means you no longer need to burden yourself with legacy API keys – simply authenticate the application with Eve, and you’re good to

ESI upgrade release

New version is out which reflects newest changes to ESI endpoint. If you’re using an old one – it will probably stop working after today. [fixed] Importing tab filters not applying [changed] updated ESI endpoints

Docker image details

The official (yet still somewhat experimental) Docker image –¬† – now has a description with what you need to set up to make it work, without the need for manual experimentation.

2.20 is out with some critical fixes

New version is here, which addresses some issues: [new] filters in importing analysis [fixed] crash when removing characters [fixed] custom costs sometimes not filling from completed orders [fixed] missing competition orders [changed] corp orders are imported from logs along with

Hotfix for latest ESI issues

Lately there has been issues with importing structure markets – “Service Unavailable”. Unfortunately, this prevented successfully imported prices from saving. The latest releases works around this issue: [new] context menu in the Manufacturing Planner for added items [fixed] edge-case crash

Mining Ledger cometh!

New version is here with the new Mining Ledger support with full 3d data visualization. Full changelog: [new] ability to set Alpha Clone flag for various data adjustments [new] character Mining Ledger support with 3d visualization (Industry tab; automatic import

Citadel fixes for latest update

Since last update and the dawn of ESI error limiting, some bugs have been found which might prevent importing data from certain citadels. The new version fixes those: [new] showing unavailable citadels in the Citadel Manager [new] manual citadel access

Fix for latest ESI changes

A new version is out with a workaround for latest ESI issues. After some talking with CCP devs, the conclusion is there were legitimate technical reasons to implement the latest changes and 3rd party apps should simply adapt. The issue

New version with some minor fixes

2.12 is out and fixes some bugs: [new] option to clear cookies in internal SSO auth window [new] option to set database synchronous flag (advanced users only) [new] total produced quantity in Manufacturing Analysis [fixed] Ore Arbitrage not working [fixed] crash