Category: Alliance Market

New procurer role for Alliance Market

A new role has been added in recent commit – ROLE_PROCURER. This role allows fine control over who can process user orders. From now on, only procurers can access the Logistics Tools. You can add this role to all new

Alliance Market security update

Due to a bug in logic for changing active user status, inactive users could find a way to log in. A change has been pushed that fixes this issue. Please apply this change immediately and verify active status for all

Alliance Market DB update

A change to fees has been pushed to the Alliance Market, which requires updating the DB schema: php app/console doctrine:schema:update –force This change allows setting fees on a per-type basis.

Alliance Market

A new tool entered the Evernus family – Alliance Market. The tool is all about simplifying alliance logistics – from setting up alliance-wide orders, quick contracting to loot buyback program. Living in nullsec and want to streamline logistics? This is