Back after a break

New version is here along with some changes:

  • [new] applications parameters:
    • –force-version=VER – force version to be VER
    • –no-update – don’t perform any update, just bump the version number
  • [new] option to add constant and relative costs to all item costs
  • [new] option to limit copied costs to total item costs (with taxes; price preferences)
  • [new] multiple item history views
  • [fixed] crash when archiving old orders
  • [fixed] incorrect values in transaction plots
  • [fixed] 0 volume in Market Analysis
  • [fixed] incorrect margin calculation with skills included in Market Analysis
  • [changed] recalculating margins with skills when checkbox is toggled in Market Analysis
  • [changed] 20160809 database
  • mindvr

    Has something changed with assets import?
    Asset import was broken for me for a while, I assumed it was connected to citadels. This skyrocketing is quite strange though.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      No, assets are still pulled from eve api, as they were before. And CCP still doesn’t provide any citadel data, at least for market orders. Maybe they added citadel assets, hard to tell, because I have none in any. – this topic suggests it’s not the case, but who knows.

      • mindvr

        Maybe some weird item(s) spiked in price, dunno. I definitely haven’t acquired a titan worth of assets during this time.

  • Matthew M. Dean

    still cant update within evernus, says out of memory error on the 7z file

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Does it ask for higher privileges?

  • Snoopie

    Are you considering to release a new version since the IGB has been patched out as of today?

    • Tantal Voldar

      interested as well of course