Author: Pete Butcher

2.2 new and old stuff

2.2 is out with lots of new stuff and fixes: [new] collateral support in Importing tab [new] custom tax in arbitrage [new] packaged sizes for modules [new] ability to ignore citadels from import (Menu->Tools->Citadel manager) [new] option to hide rows

Maintenance release for 2.x branch

First maintenance release for the new 2.x branch is here: [new] more tooltips [new] ability to choose between volume and order count in market analysis item details [new] order counts in market analysis tabs [new] configurable default analysis period in

Experimental Docker image

Evernus now has an experimental Docker image: krojew/evernus. If you are familiar with Docker, you use it to build/run the application. Note: please see the downloads page for more details.

3-year anniversary edition

This release marks the 3rd year since work on Evernus started. The number of changes is so great, the version has been bumped to 2.0. Highlights include: importing support in Market Analysis ore and scrapmetal arbitrage support new reports huge

Hotfix #2 for citadels

A serious bug has been fixed: [fixed] bug causing large amounts of requests sent for citadel data

Citadel hotfix released

A  quick hotfix to some citadel problems is here: [fixed] citadel orders not always being taken into account

Citadel orders!

New version comes with new goodies: [new] fetching orders from citadels [new] configurable retries in case of ESI errors (Network Preferences – default: 3) [fixed] some network errors not showing up [fixed] possible db errors when reverting to earlier versions

Some FPC goodies arrive

New version is here with some new stuff: [new] possibility to set a default custom station in order preferences page [new] citadels appear in every station selection [new] custom range threshold for the Margin Tool (data source tab) – ability

New features along with citadel locations in 1.47

Version 1.47 is here with some good stuff: [new] exposed custom costs to scripts (see the help page) [new] ability to set price type in Market Analysis (buy/sell) [new] color tags for orders (in context menu) [new] fetching known citadels

Unofficial 1.46 for OSX

Stewart Cash has made an unofficial build of 1.46 OSX version: Big thanks for all his work.