Author: Pete Butcher

Endpoint maintenance release

Minor maintenance release is here: [changed] updated ESI endpoints

The end approaches with 3.7

New small release is out now: [new] option to not remove existing citadels on import (import preferences or Citadel Manager) [new] possibility to add your own citadels in the Citadel Manager [changed] dropped support for the 32bit version [changed] bumped

Post-conquerable stations update

Conquerable stations are going away, which is a good time for an update: [new] option to remove Dropbox access tokens in preferences [new] importing corp. blueprints in the Industry tab [fixed] resetting broker fees on character import [changed] better BPO/BPC

Bunch of new fixes

3.5 is out with critical fixes: [fixed] initial wallet import never finishing [fixed] not refreshing access token in some edge cases [fixed] not throttling requests on 429 error [fixed] crash on character removal [fixed] rare startup crash

Maintenance release for two annoying bugs

3.3 is out with fixes to some recent bugs: [new] –force-sde-update option to force SDE download [fixed] “database is locked” error (this time for sure) [fixed] not downloading Eve database when none is present

Corporation fixes and more

The new version is out and fixes some annoying bugs, especially visible for corporation owners. Furthermore, this release is the first with a new release cycle. Previously Evernus releases were tied to SDE releases by CCP. Unfortunately, SDE tends to

Hotfix for 3.0

3.0 final release introduced an unexpected bug with, what seemed to be, a very small change. This should be fixed in 3.1.

Another major milestone

Version 3.0 is available now. It’s the first version which uses ESI for all data imports. This means you no longer need to burden yourself with legacy API keys – simply authenticate the application with Eve, and you’re good to

ESI upgrade release

New version is out which reflects newest changes to ESI endpoint. If you’re using an old one – it will probably stop working after today. [fixed] Importing tab filters not applying [changed] updated ESI endpoints

Docker image details

The official (yet still somewhat experimental) Docker image –¬† – now has a description with what you need to set up to make it work, without the need for manual experimentation.