Another major milestone

Version 3.0 is available now. It’s the first version which uses ESI for all data imports. This means you no longer need to burden yourself with legacy API keys – simply authenticate the application with Eve, and you’re good to go! To road to make this happen was a long and hard one.  There were a lot of internal changes, mainly using new QtNetworkAuthentication module from the Qt framework… which turned out to be a bag of worms, with bugs popping up everywhere. Nevertheless, after many long evenings of fighting, everything seems to be stable and working. Working better than before, I can add. There’s still a lot of work to be done, some bugs might still persist, but the future is looking bright.

I would like to thank everyone who spend their time testing all those beta versions of 3.0. Without you (especially your log files 🙂 ) this release would never be possible.

Full changelog:

  • [new] experimental HTTP/2 support
  • [new] improvements to database performance
  • [new] log ESI replies setting
  • [fixed] importing invalid contract items for corp contracts
  • [fixed] corp wallet division using legacy numbering
  • [fixed] rare crash in station select dialog
  • [fixed] invalid_token for character verification
  • [fixed] invalid import price in importing analysis
  • [changed] major internal ESI refactoring – dropped support for XML API
  • [changed] ESI authentication is now browser-only
  • [changed] 20180324 database

Known bug: toggling HTTP/2 in network preferences requires application restart.