After a long delay, new version is out

After much technical problems, first with CCP Static Data Export, then internal, the new version is out. Before digging into the details, there is a very important piece of information:

This is the first version which uses the new installation system, which allows for better update experience and more multiplatform support (if the multiplatform installer comes out). This means you MUST MANUALLY UNINSTALL THE PREVIOUS (1.32 or earlier) VERSION FIRST! Don’t worry about your data – it will not be deleted (if you have synchronization enabled, you are double safe). If you don’t uninstall the previous version, you will end up with two installed.

Now, onto the changelog:

  • [new] sorting by volume in order views
  • [new] ability to minimize the Margin Tool
  • [fixed] not counting top item in assets
  • [fixed] CCP broken date export in logs
  • [changed] Aegis database
  • [changed] clearing market analysis selected items after every version update
  • [changed] not showing price delta on missing price data
  • [changed] using new update process on Windows