3-year anniversary edition

This release marks the 3rd year since work on Evernus started. The number of changes is so great, the version has been bumped to 2.0. Highlights include:

  • importing support in Market Analysis
  • ore and scrapmetal arbitrage support
  • new reports
  • huge import optimizations

After all those years, Evernus has changed dramatically – from a simple application for order tracking, to a all-in-one solution for all types of traders out there. Constantly pushing forward with all the latest additions to Eve, it is still growing and pushing boundaries on what an Eve application is capable of. Thank you for all your support and feedback throughout these years. Looking forward for the next three, and most likely more!

The full list of changes:

  • [new] custom costs for assets
  • [new] remembering size of Market Analysis details window
  • [new] network retries now work with the XML API
  • [new] some helper icons and tooltips
  • [new] inter-region market details
  • [new] importing support
  • [new] aggregated assets view (Assets tab)
  • [new] showing release notes on update
  • [new] ore and scrapmetal arbitrage for fast risk-free profit
  • [new] configurable number of threads for ESI imports (Network preferences)
  • [new] quick reports tab (Statistics tab) – best item, fastest orders, station profit…
  • [new] warning when enabling email notifications without all SMTP data present
  • [new] presets in importing items for given regions
  • [new] logging to file (debug help)
  • [fixed] invalid handling of range threshold for station-only buy orders in the Margin Tool
  • [fixed] ignoring “ignored” status in total calculation for wallet transactions
  • [fixed] price status for buy orders sometimes used incorrect reference station
  • [fixed] no name displayed when location cannot be found
  • [fixed] region analysis now correctly distinguishes market orders from limit orders
  • [fixed] not accounting gaps in market history for inter-region analysis
  • [fixed] legend visible when initially turned off on graphs
  • [fixed] empty item list in Item History
  • [changed] directory layout for resources (be aware if building yourself)
  • [changed] not freezing the application when making requests
  • [changed] refreshing character data in other tabs, when something changes on the Character tab
  • [changed] not recalculating everything on price type change in the Market Analysis
  • [changed] huge improvement in ESI importing speed (about 3-4x faster)
  • [changed] forwarding error messages from ESI, instead of generic ones
  • [changed] 119.6 database
  • Binadas

    You are doing God’s work! Thanks

  • Ricardo Vargas

    Tried to post this previously, but was kicked to sp@m —

    Are there any docx/tuts on how to use the arbitrage options? I cannot seem to get a listing to show in either of the tabs (ore/scrap). Do I need to import that items I’m looking to trash?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You need to import both the stuff you are reprocessing and the stuff you are reprocessing to, e.g. ores AND minerals.

      • Ricardo Vargas

        Thx for guidance and the near-instant reply. 😉

        • Ricardo Vargas

          Well…I must be doing something wrong. Plz see image. I’ve imported all minerals and all frigates @ Jita — yet no results.


          • Kamil Rojewski

            No data can simply mean there are no profitable arbitrage opportunities at the moment. Try changing the destination price type to “Buy” – that usually gives more profit. You can quickly verify if everything is working by looking at the time needed to give results. Arbitrage usually takes a couple of seconds to process, so if it takes that long – it works but didn’t find anything. In the next version I’ll add automatic import of reprocessed items, so no manual selection will be necessary.