Month: September 2017

New version with some minor fixes

2.12 is out and fixes some bugs: [new] option to clear cookies in internal SSO auth window [new] option to set database synchronous flagĀ (advanced users only) [new] total produced quantity in Manufacturing Analysis [fixed] Ore Arbitrage not working [fixed] crash

Hotfix #2 to latest version

Some new errors were found and fixed in the latest version: [fixed] crash when importing orders from citadels [fixed] incorrect connection lines in manufacturing setup [changed] improved manufacturing setup item adding speed by A LOT

Hotfix for 2.7

2.8 is out with a fix to potential crash: [fixed] crash when importing wallet transactions via ESI [fixed] “(unknown)” character name in SSO authentication window

The most versatile manufacturing planner

New version is here with the first set of industry features – manufacturing analysis/planning. Before getting into the details, here’s the full list of changes: [new] Manufacturing analysis tab [new] option to turn off Breakpad integration when building from source