Year: 2016

Unofficial 1.46 for OSX

Stewart Cash has made an unofficial build of 1.46 OSX version: Big thanks for all his work.

Small bugfix release

1.46 comes with fixes to annoying bugs: [fixed] deleting more orders than selected [fixed] not opening proper item on Fast Price Copy

Improved citadel support in 1.45

1.45 is here with an option to set custom reference station per order. This can be used as a workaround for missing order data from citadels. Full changelist: [new] separate buy and sell broker’s fee [new] “Show in Eve” in


On the sad day of 11.10.2016, our beloved IGB has been laid to rest ;( All interactions with EVE client now have to use CREST. The newest version specifically addresses that issue + some more: [new] support for high DPI

Back after a break

New version is here along with some changes: [new] applications parameters: –force-version=VER – force version to be VER –no-update – don’t perform any update, just bump the version number [new] option to add constant and relative costs to all item

New version with new CREST

1.42 just got released. Changelog: [new] whole market import – you can selected market order import type in the import source preferences: Individual – import each type separately; this is the old behavior Whole – import whole region market at

Tons of new stuff in 1.41

New Eve update, new Evernus update. Both with tons of new stuff: [new] option to combine market orders for all characters [new] option to color low volume orders (order preferences) [new] flagging unusual volumes in Market Analysis [new] option to

CREST hotfix and new SDE with 1.40

Evernus 1.40 has been released. Changes include: [new] ability to apply date format to graphs (general preferences) [fixed] crash when CREST endpoints could not be downloaded [changed] YC-118-3 database Enjoy!

1.39 hotfix

New version is available with a hotfix for market analysis: [fixed] incorrect volume computation in inter-region analysis [changed] bound standings to -10..10

Eve-Central import feature comes with 1.38

Version 1.38 is available with some notable changes: [new] ability to customize column delimiter when copying whole rows of data (General preferences) [new] ability to switch market order providers (CREST, Eve-Central) in the Import Source preferences [new] ability to set