Month: April 2015

1.30 is out!

New EVE update, new Evernus update: [new] ability to select and copy whole rows/columns of data in Market Analysis [fixed] solar system distance calculation [fixed] hanging requests will now correctly time out [changed] contract totals calculation will now only take

1.29 bugfix release with a bonus

Version 1.29 arrived with a pack of bugfixes and new German translation: [new] “normalizedDiff” property for market order script filtering – a diff which retains sign regardless of order type [new] properties for ExternalOrder script object: volumeEntered volumeRemaining minVolume issued

Hanging price import fix

Some users have been reporting price import hanging indefinitely. The bug was finally identified and resolved. It was a hard to encounter edge case, but it managed to happen for some. The fix is simple and involves a deletion of

Alliance Market security update

Due to a bug in logic for changing active user status, inactive users could find a way to log in. A change has been pushed that fixes this issue. Please apply this change immediately and verify active status for all