Year: 2015

Background tasks come with 1.37

1.37 is out with a crucial update: [new] ability to perform tasks in background – now you can close and open the tasks dialog when you wish; including adding new tasks while other are still in progress [changed] Frostline database

1.36 comes with big CREST changes

Version 1.36 is here. Changes: [new] option to use skills for difference calculations in market analysis (note: margin always uses skills) [new] ability to select corporation wallet division in corporation import preferences [new] option to add random value to price

New procurer role for Alliance Market

A new role has been added in recent commit – ROLE_PROCURER. This role allows fine control over who can process user orders. From now on, only procurers can access the Logistics Tools. You can add this role to all new

Inter-region market analysis comes with 1.35

New version is here with some shiny new features: [new] tooltip with details on statistics graph [new] graph color preferences [new] inter-region market analysis [new] bogus order filtering for market analysis [fixed] rare crash on CREST request sending [fixed] forgetting

Introducing 1.34

Version 1.34 is here. It’s the first version which takes advantage of new update process on Windows. You shouldn’t be required anymore to download full installation package. Instead, you will be prompted for upgrade, which should seamlessly update the application.

After a long delay, new version is out

After much technical problems, first with CCP Static Data Export, then internal, the new version is out. Before digging into the details, there is a very important piece of information: This is the first version which uses the new installation

New version delayed

With the Aegis release, CCP broke their Static Data Export. This means new item database cannot be imported into Evernus, which usually corresponds with releasing a new version. When CCP fixes item data, new version should become available, but the

Carnyx comes with 1.32

New 1.32 version is here: [new] clicking on a price type radio button in the Margin Tool copies the new price [new] best margin column in the sell order list [new] possibility to ignore invalid certificates in the preferences (not

OSX certificate problems

Recently, a problem regarding security certificates has emerged on OSX. For reasons yet unknown, Evernus cannot accept CCP certificates and refuses to make any API or CREST calls. Please follow for updates.

Fixes for CREST timeouts in 1.31

Due to some users reporting CREST timing out too often with many requests, a setting has been added to control timeouts. I recommend installing the new version and adjusting it, if necessary. [new] possibility of setting server reply timeout in