Month: September 2014

New version

Version 1.16 is here: [new] ability to set custom station for asset price calculation [new] Trade Advisor link in IGB [fixed] empty column in station select view [fixed] restoring competition market order view header state in market orders tab [fixed]

Evernus Trade Advisor

The Evernus project is expanding. The newest addition – http://tradeadvisor The website is dedicated to finding potential good income sources with station trading. Each item is given a score based on margin and volume, which you can use to

Quick fix

A typo has set in while making the OS X version, making the orders not import under some circumstances. It has been fixed in 1.15.

1.14 is here!

Shiny, new 1.14 version is here: [new] LMeve integration [new] Dropbox database synchronization [new] character selection in File menu [new] buyout value in Margin Tool [fixed] corporation wallet statistics not showing [changed] better expired order detection [changed] own buy order

1.13 with lots of changes released

After some time, version 1.13 was released:   [new] option to ignore re-importing already cached data (defaults to false for upgrading users; true for new installations) [new] option to specify default market log import source (API/logs) [new] “price difference, %”

32bit Windows version is here

An experimental 32bit Windows version was just released. It was tested on 32bit Windows 7 and seems to work fine. If no issues turn up, it will be labeled official.

Hotfix 1.12

A htofix has been released addressing some critical issues: [new] option to display packaged ship sizes [fixed] partial corporation orders in IGB [fixed] sorting by ETA [fixed] crash when trying to communicate with non-existent IGB connection

1.11 is here

Version 1.11 has been released with mostly bug fixes and some new features: [new] all tables now save their hidden and moved columns [new] favorite items in IGB [new] overbid/undercut orders in IGB [new] below min. margin orders in IGB