Month: August 2014

Requirements change

The minimum required Qt version has been changed to 5.3. If you are experiencing a compile error related to QSqlQuery::isNull() function, please upgrade your Qt libraries.

Version 1.10 released

A new version has been released with tons of changes: [new] contracts tab (character and corporation) [new] thousands separator in plots [new] filtering market orders now applies to all columns [new] make install support on Linux [new] helper tooltips in

First OS X build available

Finally, an OS X build is officially available! As first releases are, this one is considered experimental until proven to be stable. Any feedback from OS X users is appreciated.

Version 1.9 has been released

New version, 1.9, has been released: [new] option to stop market scan at end of item list [new] item history tab [new] margin column in buy orders based on current order and best known sell order [new] ability to hide

Shiny, new 1.8 version released

Version 1.8 with new features and lots of fixes has been released: [new] market browser tab [new] copy to clipboard buttons in Margin Tool [fixed] corporation orders import from logs [fixed] transactions import with auto-adding custom costs disabled [fixed] empty

1.7 hotfix available

Version 1.7 has just been released with a hotfix for price import: [new] auto-guessing cache path [fixed] price import due to obscure Microsoft compiler bug [fixed] corporation orders log import Some technical info for those interested: The compiler bug only

Version 1.6 with the most requested features

Version 1.6 has been released with the most requested features: [new] market scan [new] ETA of order completion [new] rearranged columns in order tables are saved [new] script order filtering [new] option to choose plot number format [fixed] monospace font

0.5 released

Version 0.5 has been released: [new] corporation orders in IGB [new] combined statistics [new] script statistics processing [new] auto import [new] email notifications [new] HTTP web service (read-only for now) [new] option to specify log name wildcard [new] sorting by

Ciritcal update 0.4 released (with bonus)

An update to 0.3 version with critical bug discovered, has been released. Additionally, corporation functionality has been added. Full changes: [new] option to share item costs between characters [new] corporation orders support [new] corporation wallet journal support [new] corporation wallet

Version 0.3 released, with major changes

Version 0.3 was just released with a ton of new features: [new] ability to add transactions to custom costs by right click menu – just select interesting transactions and click [new] option to auto add item costs on fulfilled buy