Year: 2014

Massive update to CREST

A new version just came out with a massive performance boost to CREST (and more!): [new] sound settings – currently only Fast Price Copy sound available [new] ability to set autopilot destination from Assets tab [new] ability to set custom

Evernus with CREST support and Fast Price Copy

Version 1.21 has been released with major features: [new] always on top feature for main window [new] more verbose price import [new] Fast Price Copy* [fixed] retaining market order column sizes after data update [fixed] multilevel asset list import [changed]

1.20 is here!

Version 1.20 is here with a pack of fixes: [new] option to not display ISK with prices [new] region column in market browser [fixed] security filter in market browser giving wrong results [fixed] market browser total cost calculation (not counting

Version 1.19 released

New version has been released: [new] getTypeName() and getLocationName() script functions are now available in filters [changed] buy order value is now taken from escrow [changed] Margin Tool now resizes better [changed] Phoebe database

Alliance Market

A new tool entered the Evernus family – Alliance Market. The tool is all about simplifying alliance logistics – from setting up alliance-wide orders, quick contracting to loot buyback program. Living in nullsec and want to streamline logistics? This is

1.18 for OS X becomes official

Version 1.18 has been released: [fixed] sync when closing app from Margin Tool [fixed] workaround for invalid order date in market logs [changed] switched off tab label elision for OS X [changed] Margin Tool remembers its geometry after changing “always

1.17 arrived

New version has arrived: [new] market uploader – uploads fresh market data to various market sites (disabled by default) [fixed] profit column in order history [fixed] sometimes downloading up-to-date sync database [changed] Oceanus database

New version

Version 1.16 is here: [new] ability to set custom station for asset price calculation [new] Trade Advisor link in IGB [fixed] empty column in station select view [fixed] restoring competition market order view header state in market orders tab [fixed]

Evernus Trade Advisor

The Evernus project is expanding. The newest addition – http://tradeadvisor The website is dedicated to finding potential good income sources with station trading. Each item is given a score based on margin and volume, which you can use to

Quick fix

A typo has set in while making the OS X version, making the orders not import under some circumstances. It has been fixed in 1.15.