1.36 comes with big CREST changes

Version 1.36 is here. Changes:

  • [new] option to use skills for difference calculations in market analysis (note: margin always uses skills)
  • [new] ability to select corporation wallet division in corporation import preferences
  • [new] option to add random value to price delta
  • [new] corporation assets
  • [new] ability to turn off automatic value snapshots and make manual ones for statistics
  • [changed] alternating row colors in margin tool sample tables
  • [changed] moved statistics preferences to their section in the Preferences window
  • [changed] pending CREST reply counters now use progressive updates (no more seemingly unresponsive window due to event queue filling up)
  • [changed] made market analysis import not hanging the window while processing data
  • [changed] switched to public CREST because of heavy CCP request limiting*
  • [changed] removed CREST thread count setting
  • [changed] Parallax database

* New CREST limits have been announced on a dev blog some time ago and Evernus must comply. This has two major implications for all users:

  1. No more authorizing with Eve.
  2. Absurdly slow CREST.

Despite CCP claims in this blog post, CREST speed has gone down dramatically. You can manually change the default 150r/s limit in the preferences, but with the default in place, everything is extremely slow. Higher numbers will most likely get you CREST errors, so we are all stuck with it. I do not know if CCP can be persuaded to increase the limit, but I will try to give them some numbers.

  • msoltyspl

    Yea, the CREST pulls went down quite significantly (though it’s still at somewhat managable level, at least for a single jita flipper 😉 ). If you manage to persuade CCP to relax some of the network limits that would be awesome.

    Another limitation that would be worth persuading is max 20 order updates / minute to say 30 order updates / minute. Fast Price Copy is awesome, but one can hit this warning dozen(s) of time per price updating pass.