1.29 bugfix release with a bonus

Version 1.29 arrived with a pack of bugfixes and new German translation:

  • [new] “normalizedDiff” property for market order script filtering – a diff which retains sign regardless of order type
  • [new] properties for ExternalOrder script object:
    • volumeEntered
    • volumeRemaining
    • minVolume
    • issued
    • duration
  • [new] German translation (thanks to Hel O’Ween)
  • [fixed] error handling in CREST price import which could cause a deadlock
  • [fixed] restoring proxy settings on restart
  • [fixed] typos
  • [changed] removed Trade Advisor links, since it’s unneeded because of CREST
  • [changed] increased aggregated statistics limit to 10 000
  • James

    Can someone write an tutorial for the market analyzer.. i’m not getting anything out of it right now. I don’t understand how it should work. Thanks!