1. Getting started
    1. First run
    2. Adding keys
    3. Character management
    4. Data synchronization
  2. Main tabs
    1. Character
    2. Statistics
    3. Assets
    4. Orders
    5. Journal
    6. Transactions
    7. Item history
    8. Market browser
    9. Item costs
  3. Margin Tool
  4. HTTP Web Service
  5. Automatic update and email notifications
  6. Scripts
    1. Order object
    2. ExternalOrder object
    3. Global functions
  7. Other
    1. Text filters
    2. Source code compilation (Windows)
    3. Source code compilation (Linux)
    4. Source code compilation (OS X)
    5. Source code compilation (all)
    6. Restoring database backup


Getting started

First run

After launching Evernus for the first time, a new database will be created and you will be asked for initial language selection. If your system language is supported, it should be selected by default. After choosing the language, the main window will show along with the Character Manager dialog. This is where you can add API keys and manage characters.

Adding keys

Every character in Evernus requires an associated API key. Each key requires a specific set of permissions to work properly. In the Character Manager dialog you can edit both existing characters and added keys. For new characters to show in the Characters tab, a key needs to be entered first in the Keys tab. When adding a new key, a link with predefined permissions will help you quickly set things up.

Character management

Each valid character will show in the Characters tab in the Character Manager. A character can be safely disabled, if you do not wish to track its market progress. Disabling a character does not delete any associated data, so you can enable it later and all historic data will still be available.

Note: characters without keys are not deleted by default, but disabled.

After adding your first keys and characters, you can begin synchronizing data.

Data synchronization

Most of the data Evernus uses is fetched from EVE API using the keys entered in the Character Manager. Almost every tab has a “API import” button which uses this mechanism. Each call to the API is cached locally and you will not get any new data until the cache timer expires – the time remaining is visible next to the buttons. There is also a “Import all” button used to import all the data at once.

Note: first data import can take some time and may show fulfilled orders up to 7 days old. Don’t worry – everything will get back to normal after next synchronization.

After the initial import, you can start using all the features Evernus has to offer.

Main tabs


The Character tab displays your character’s info sheet. Additionally to the portrait (which you can right-click to update) and basic info, there are:

  • Data age warnings (hidden if data is up-to-date).
  • Standing editors – standings for the station owner, where the trade takes place, should be entered manually here.
  • Trade skill editors – trade skills are imported by default (can be toggled in preferences) and can be adjusted to project expected earnings.


Your recorded progress as a trader is presented in this tab. Your total worth is expressed in the first plot, which shows your wallet balance, sell and buy order value, asset value and total value. Various graphs update their data during different time points (eg. order value is updated on order import) and the gaps between data points are filled with expected linear interpolation.

Second and third plots represent aggregated daily wallet journal and transaction income and outcome. All data can be combined for all characters to quickly see total profit/loss.

Advanced statistics enable you to create custom reports over historic orders. You can configure grouping, sorting and limiting of raw data with simple aggregation, and analyze it in tabular form. You can also make your own scripts to process the data, using QtScript based on ECMAScript (or JavaScript, if you wish).

Script processing can be run in two modes:

  • For each – each order (active and historic) is passed one by one to the script as parameter named order.
  • Aggregate – all orders (active and historic) are passed together to the script as an array of orders, named orders.

Each order is an object of type Order. You also can use the global object functions.

Evernus expects your script to end in a return statement, returning an array of values. Those will be added as a row of resulting data.


// uses "for each" mode to show all order data in the table
var result = [];

order.typeId = EveDataProvider.getTypeName(order.typeId);
order.stationId = EveDataProvider.getLocationName(order.stationId);

for (var prop in order)

return result;


Script For Each Sample

// uses "aggregate" mode to compute the count of all orders and thesum of all their prices
var sum = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < orders.length; ++i)
    sum += orders[i].price;

return [ orders.length, sum ];


Script Aggregate Sample


All assets in your possession are displayed on this tab along with their local sell value. To calculate their worth, each item needs local price data which can be imported form the web (using CREST) or from locally saved market logs/cache. If a price is unavailable or has not been updated recently, it will be shown with a yellow background. You can customize which station prices to use instead of the asset location.

Price update creates an asset value snapshot for statistics.


The Orders tab is divided into four more subtabs: Sell, Buy, Sell & Buy and History, which represent your market orders with different types (buy, sell) and in different stages (active, closed). The first two subtabs also show transactions associated with given order.

Each order has a variety of associated data:

  • Name of the item.
  • Item market group.
  • Order status (can be filtered by).
  • Custom cost (if any; sell only).
  • Price data.
  • Price data status (can be filtered by).
  • Price difference to the best market order.
  • Price difference to the best market order in %.
  • Volume remaining/volume entered.
  • Total remaining ISK value of the order.
  • Volume change since last update.
  • Margin calculated from item cost and profit (takes skills into account)
  • Profit from the remaining volume, calculated with respect to custom cost (sell only).
  • Total profit, calculated with respect to custom cost (sell only).
  • Profit per item, calculated with respect to custom cost (sell only).
  • Best margin (buy only) – margin if the order was currently the best one
  • Range (buy only)
  • Minimum quantity (buy only).
  • ETA
  • Time left.
  • Order age.
  • When the order was first seen by Evernus – order issued date is updated every on price change, while Evernus also tracks when the order first appeared, so you can avoid handling overdue orders.
  • Station where the order was placed.

Every order tracks its current price with respect to the most recently seen price of given item, with range taken into account. Yellow price background signalizes when the market price data is too old, while red background indicates that your order is not the top one at the moment. You can refresh market prices from the web (CREST) or from saved market logs/cache. Clicking on the price or the icon will bring up a helper window which contains more price information and allows you to copy a new price, which will take your order to the top.

You can use scripts to filter orders. Your script should be an expression, which can be evaluated to a boolean, eg:

order.price < 100000 && order.volumeRemaining > 5


The Journal tab shows wallet journal from selected timeframe. Every entry can be ignored, so it won’t be taken into account during statistics calculation.


The Transactions tab shows wallet transactions from selected timeframe. Every entry can be ignored, so it won’t be taken into account during statistics calculation.

Item history

The item history tab show you all the volume traded an profit made historically for a given item. You can also check the total progress you made over time.

Market browser

The browser allows you to see what price data Evernus has imported. You can quickly filter specific orders and locations and analyze various price statistics, like deviation.

Item costs

Custom costs can be entered in the Item costs tab. Such costs are taken into account during profit calculation in the Orders tab and during margin calculation in the Margin Tool. This behavior can be customized in Preferences. Costs can be added automatically when a buy order gets fulfilled.

Margin Tool

The Margin Tool is a multipurpose tool aimed at quick market reconnaissance and price updating. Every time you export market logs from the game with the tool open, you will get detailed information about the profitability of trading given item. The tool also supports automatic copying of buy and sell price to the clipboard (modified to ensure being at the top). Desired profit margins and prices increments/decrements can be adjusted in the Preferences. Using it also updates item price database.

To quickly adjust your prices, export market logs with the tool open and paste new prices for your orders – works best with In-Game Browser integration.

If you wish, you can specify custom station as a source for buy orders. This way you can check profit margins between different regions with just 2 clicks!

HTTP Web Service

Evernus supports HTTP web interface, which you can access from any web browser. Simply enable it in the Preferences, set the user and password needed to access the service and open the page in your browser. The user and password can be arbitrary – they only protect the service from unauthorized access.

Automatic update and email notifications

You can switch on automatic update in the Preferences. Specify the number of minutes between updates and optional email notifications about fulfilled orders. Note: you’ll need to enter SMTP server details, to make the notifications work.


Evernus uses QtScript based on ECMAScript (on which also JavaScript is based). Scripts can be used in advanced statistics calculation and order filtering. See ECMAScript/JavaScript documentation on how to write your own scripts.

Built-in object types:

Order object

The object contains these properties:

  • id – order id (due to QtScript limitation, stored as a string)
  • characterId – character id of the issuer (due to QtScript limitation, stored as a string)
  • stationId – id of the station where the order originated
  • volumeEntered – volume entered
  • volumeRemaining – volume remaining
  • minVolume – minimum volume
  • delta – change since last update
  • state – order state (0 = open/active, 1 = closed, 2 = expired or fulfilled, 3 = cancelled, 4 = pending, 5 = character deleted)
  • typeId – id of the item
  • range – range of the order (-1 = station, 0 = solar system, 5/10/20/40 jumps, 32767 = region)
  • accountKey – which division this order is using as its account; always 1000 for characters, but in the range 1000 to 1006 for corporations
  • duration – order duration in days
  • escrow – ISK in escrow
  • price – current price
  • type – order type (0 – buy, 1 – sell)
  • issued – date of being issued (UTC Date object)
  • firstSeen – date of being first seen by Evernus (UTC Date object)
  • lastSeen – date of being made inactive as seen by Evernus (UTC Date object)
  • corporationId – id of corporation of the issuer (due to QtScript limitation, stored as a string)
  • cost – custom cost (if set; not present otherwise; since 1.47)

Additionally, when used with filtering, there also is the overbid property representing the closest external order, which is an object of type ExternalOrder with additional properties:

  • diff – difference between character order and external order with sign depending on the type of order
  • diffRatio – the difference divided by character order price
  • normalizedDiff – difference between character order and external order with normalized sign

ExternalOrder object

The object contains these properties:

  • id – order id (due to QtScript limitation, stored as a string)
  • type – order type (0 – buy, 1 – sell)
  • typeId – id of the item
  • stationId – id of the station where the order originated
  • solarSystemId – id of the solar system where the order originated
  • regionId – id of the region where the order originated
  • range – range of the order (-1 = station, 0 = solar system, 5/10/20/40 jumps, 32767 = region)
  • updateTime – time of update (UTC Date object)
  • price – current price
  • volumeEntered – initial volume
  • volumeRemaining – remaining volume
  • minVolume – minimum volume
  • issued – issued date
  • duration – duration in days

Global functions

The following global object functions are available:

String EveDataProvider.getTypeName(typeId)

Returns the name of given item type.

String EveDataProvider.getLocationName(locationId)

Returns the name of given location (station).


Text filters

Every text filter supports wildcard syntax with history:

  • Any character represents itself apart from those mentioned below, ignoring case. Thus c matches the character c and C.
  • ? matches any single character.
  • * matches zero or more of any characters.
  • […] – sets of characters can be represented in square brackets, eg. [abc].

Source code compilation (Windows)

To compile Evernus on Windows, you’ll need Visual Studio/Express 2013 with November 2013 CTP. Make sure you have all the prerequisites downloaded. Assuming you installed Qt to c:\Qt (with the necessary patch to QXmlPatterns applied and built, if Qt version is < 5.4) and Boost to c:\Boost, you have to invoke cmake to generate Visual Studio solution from VS command prompt, like so:

cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 Win64" -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=c:/Qt/5.4/msvc2013_64/lib/cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=c:/Boost

After opening the solution, you need to choose the CTP compiler in the project properties – each cmake invocation changes it back to the standard one. Then just hit F7 and you’re good to go!

Source code compilation (Linux)

Before starting to compile the code, make sure you have installed all the prerequisites. The following manual assumes you have clang set as your c++ compiler, all the required libraries available in the system and Qt installed via their installer in your home directory (with the necessary patch to QXmlPatterns applied and built, if Qt version is < 5.4).

First you have to generate a Makefile. This is done by invoking the cmake tool. If you don’t know what cmake is, you can read about it here. The simplest way is by using the console. For example, let’s assume you downloaded Qt 5.4 prebuilt with gcc:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/$USER/Qt/5.4/gcc_64/lib/cmake

This will generate a Makefile for use with make (assuming no errors). Note, that this is a step you should be doing just once. The only thing left to do is:


And that’s it! Evernus should compile without errors. The resulting binary MUST reside in the same directory where the res/ and trans/ subdirectories are located, otherwise Evernus won’t be able to open Eve database and translations.

Source code compilation (OS X)

Before starting to compile the code, make sure you have installed all the prerequisites. For creating your own OS X bundle you have to build Qt frameworks which will be later imported into the app. You can do that by giving -framework to Qt configure command (remember to apply required patch to QXmlPatterns):

./configure -opensource -confirm-license -framework -prefix $PWD/qtbuildframeworks -nomake tests -nomake examples -release -skip qtwebkit 

You can also see couple of additional options here:

-prefix $PWD/qtbuildframeworks 

will help us to gather all frameworks and required files in one place.

-skip qtwebkit 

this will skip WebKit compilation which is a rather long process.

Once you are done configuring you can compile with make and install Qt to set prefix with make install. Once you are done with Qt you can start building Evernus. First you have to generate a Xcode project. This is done by invoking the cmake tool. If you don’t know what cmake is, you can read about it here. The simplest way is by using the console. For CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH you need to use the path you have provided to -prefix option of Qt configuration. Let’s assume you have downloaded Qt 5.3.1 sources and used configuration command above.

cmake -G "Xcode" -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/Users/$USER/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.3.1/qtbuildframeworks 

This will generate an Xcode project file inside Evernus source directory.

The last step is to compile and bundle the application. You can compile with:

xcodebuild -project Evernus.xcodeproj 

Don’t mind the errors given from Xcode – it should compile properly; this is because Xcode cannot parse multiline strings. And finally bundle with:

 xcodebuild -project Evernus.xcodeproj -target install 

Remember about the last command because as the app bundle is created with previous command, all the dependencies are moved into the bundle in this step. And you are ready to go!

Source code compilation (all)

Dropbox id/key have to be specified as constants/defines for cmake in order to work. These are:


The should be given (usually only once) as arguments for cmake:


Restoring database backup

Update process creates a database backup, which can be restored in case something goes wrong. You can find it in the c:\Users\your_user\AppData\Local\\Evernus\db directory on Windows, or ~/.local/share/ on Linux, named main.db.bak. Simply rename it to main.db and the backup will be restored.

  • Balcanis

    What’s with the cache import? It doesn’t seem to work.

    • There’s a random bug which makes the import fail. Will be fixed in 1.7.

  • Llisander

    I get an error on startup after updating to 1.9. I have posted a screenshot here:

    • Ahh, one thing got lost when building the latest version. Please re-download the installer and install Evernus again – should work fine.

      • Llisander

        Yes. That works. Thanks.

  • Great tool. I’ve used it in the past on Windows. One problem:

    Compiling on Ubuntu 14.04 gives this error: c++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-stdlib=libc++’

    Are you familiar with that one?

  • Paul Burton

    I’m getting the following error:
    [ 0%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/evernus.dir/ContractRepository.cpp.o
    /home/paul/Desktop/evernus/evernus/ContractRepository.cpp:261:31: error: cannot
    initialize a parameter of type ‘int’ with an lvalue of type
    ‘const char [5]’
    if (!query.isNull(“i_id”))
    /usr/include/qt5/QtSql/qsqlquery.h:72:21: note: passing argument to parameter
    ‘field’ here
    bool isNull(int field) const;
    1 error generated.
    make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/evernus.dir/ContractRepository.cpp.o] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/evernus.dir/all] Error 2
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    • Your Qt version is too old. The minimum required is 5.3. Also, did you patch XML patterns? If not, it will crash often.

      • Paul Burton

        yeah, I had copied and pasted the command

        cmake -G “Unix Makefiles” -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/user/Qt/5.3/gcc_64/lib/cmake

        as is.
        It might be helpful to other idiots like me to change the command to:

        cmake -G “Unix Makefiles” -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/$USER/Qt/5.3/gcc_64/lib/cmake

        That way we don’t need to worry about complex things like checking the command makes sense lol

        Sorry about that. It’s just compiling now. 🙂

        • Makes sense. I’ll change it now.

        • Oh, and remember about configuring ld so it uses the patched qt module instead of the system one.

  • Adam

    I love the program! I currently have two issues.

    First of all, in the second tab labeled “Statistics” it is doubling up my sell orders for the graph. The other numbers are accurate. This was happening in 1.13 but is unverified in 1.14 (see second issue for reasoning)

    Secondly, after upgrading to 1.14, Evernus will not update my character orders either through the API or the file import.

    • Adam

      I forgot to mention that the error that I get when trying to import my character orders says “near “SETlast_seen”: syntax error Unable to execute statement”

  • Llisander

    I managed to break the margin tool. Here’s the error:

    Happened at the point where I exported the market details. Here’s the export it barfed on:

    • For some reason Eve client saved an invalid date for one order. A workaround will be released in the next version.

  • Oddible

    Only one of my characters gets imported, the wrong one, despite selecting All in API creation. The other two say ‘Warning! No data has been imported’. I used the recommended API key profile on the link in the app.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Evernus updates only the currently selected character. If you want to update another one, select it in the drop down in the upper right corner and click import all.

  • Parker Hancock

    Is there a reason why not all regions are shown in the Market Browser? I only see Domain, Everywhere, Genesis, Heimatar, Lonetrek, Sinq Liaison, Tash-Murkon and The Forge. Specifically looking to browse market data in Orvolle.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You can see regions for which there is some market data imported.

  • Nuroferatu

    How to add corporation?
    Do i have to CEO first?
    To be clear, im interested on tracking my corporation wallet, not character.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You have to add a corp key with appropriate permissions and have sufficient roles in the corp to view the data.

      • Nuroferatu

        Hi, here is what i done:
        Full access key of corporation type with CEO character selected. Added it to: Character manager->Corporation keys.
        What resulted with:

        FOREIGN KEY constraint failed Unable to fetch row: REPLACE INTO corp_keys (id, character_id, code) VALUES (:id, :character_id, :code)


        • Kamil Rojewski

          Ehh, I should really make some human friendly error message here.

          • Nuroferatu

            It would be better to disable option of adding corporation key, if you dont have some character added.
            Other question is do you have to add character to track corporation?
            jEveAssets works without it.

          • Kamil Rojewski

            At the moment yes, because almost everything takes your character into consideration – from skills to statistics to CREST. jEveAssets doesn’t need it because, well, it only has a fraction of features evernus has.

          • Nuroferatu

            Oh, then if i may sugest, it would be good idea that when user go to character manager->corporation keys disable add button when there is no character that application needs. And then add some information to help page why it’s disabled 🙂

          • Kamil Rojewski

            I made an info box that the character is required. Will come in the next version.

      • Nuroferatu

        Found it, by answering my own question:
        By adding CEO character first, then you can add corporation.

  • Sparky Doosan

    New user, looks great, one issue: My asset list doesn’t seem to want to import. It worked once, now I can’t get rid of the yellow warning triangle in the Data age dialog. Import all seems to go, but my assets are old. How to fix? thanks!

    • Kamil Rojewski

      It depends if the warning is about asset list age or their price age. I assume you’re talking about the former. This is most likely to a setting for ignoring data for which the cache timer didn’t expire. You can turn it off in the preferences and import again. This will make the warning go away but eve api won’t return new data before the timer expires.

      • Sparky Doosan

        Thank you it looks better today for sure. What’s the timer, and why does it (seem?) different for assets than the other data?

        Also while I’m bugging you… the IGB link works fine but not HTTP. I thought maybe Windows networking may be the issue but even http://localhost:4633 fails?

        Good stuff man, really impressive.

        • Kamil Rojewski

          The cache time is returned by eve api servers and applications should respect it. It’s ccp design.
          Did you enable httpservice in the preferences?

          • Sparky Doosan

            Works like a charm, I missed that preference. And I see the Assets timer so all is beginning to come together over here, ha. Thanks for the quick support!

  • Sparky Doosan

    Where should we submit feature requests, probably?

    • Kamil Rojewski


  • Bart Massey

    Seems like a really nice tool. Trying to import market data on LInux. Used the command-line arguments to put my newly-created CREST API key into evernus rather than recompiling. When I try to authenticate during market import via web, I get {“error”:”invalid_client”, “error_description”:”Unknown client”} . Suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Maybe you made a typo or the CREST server didn’t refresh its cache.

      • Bart Massey

        Maybe, but I’ve triple-checked everything pretty carefully and it’s still failing a day later. It also fails in the same way when I use compiled-in CREST auth data instead of command-line. Kinda frustrating. My CREST key is set to CREST API with Public Scopes, and the callback URL is . Any debugging suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yiorgos P

    I compiled evernus for ubuntu. It works fine so far, but I didn’t include the CREST option. Coming from using the software on Windows, was expecting the authentication URL redirect. But now I am confused. I can’t find where to add the CREST id/key manually, or how to get them at the first place – was using your redirect authentication and would be nice to reuse the ones I put on Windows – or how to activate the same behavior as on Windows by recompiling the software.Any leads?

    • Kamil Rojewski
      • Yiorgos P

        Yeah I understand that part. The issue is where to find the id/key for the CREST. When I used your software on Windows I didn’t have to know them, I was asked to authenticate over web and all were done nicely. Now I have to manually provide them and I can’t find them from somewhere 🙂 Am I doing something wrong – clearly I am :)?

        • Kamil Rojewski

          You have to register your app at

          • Yiorgos P

            Wait, so in order to use your app, I have to be registered as a developer? And how did I manage to use CREST on windows, since I haven’t registered? I assume you did there for your app, and I was just asked to allow access to it, correct? Why can’t you do the same for the source code compilation? Is your CREST id and key required to do so? If so this is a major pita from CCP and can’t see how 3rd party open source apps will solve this in a nice way. Thanks for your time and answers btw.

          • Kamil Rojewski

            Every crest app needs an ID and a secret key. I can’t reveal mine, obviously. You need to register one yourself and it will work.

          • Yiorgos P

            OK I see. I do not see how this will be easy for open source developers. But will go and register and rebuild the app. Is there anyway to just enter the CREST details in the app? I couldn’t find any option in the preferences. Also any estimate on when you are to provide deb packages for linux as well?

          • Kamil Rojewski

            You can provide the details via the command line. Take a look at main.cpp.

          • Yiorgos P

            OK thanks for your time and your quick responses! Have a nice day!

  • Michael Stark

    When i try to load market data from the web it just stops after “counting down from around 32000 and stops around 23-19000” win 7 64bit

    • Kamil Rojewski

      If it did so right now, notice it’s downtime and CREST servers do very strange things during that time. For example – they keep the connection open forever but don’t return any data.

      • Michael Stark

        Hmm i still have the same problem..
        The program stop working.. “Windows have stopped working, force to shut the program?”

        • Kamil Rojewski

          People have been reporting issues with both API and CREST servers. It’s possible Evernus is waiting for something, which never comes. I will see how the situation develops.

  • Mitch Robins

    Hey! First off, I love Evernus! Thanks for the hours you put into developing this application. I am using it on a Mac, with a Mac EVE client and having issues with the Margin Tool.

    I have setup my path to market log exports correctly, including the log name wildcard for the region I am in. However, when I export data on any given item, nothing happens in the tool and I get no errors. When I export a copy of the “My Orders” screen, it pulls over some basic values, but thats it.

    What might I be doing incorrectly?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Can you tell what path you’ve selected and what wildcard?

      • Mitch Robins

        I’ve verified that logs are present in this directory after exporting from inside the game. The path is:

        /Users/mitch/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/User/My Documents/EVE/logs/Marketlogs/

        I do all my trading in Amarr, so I’m in the Domain region. I’ve verified all my exports are showing up in a way that should be caught by the wildcard. The character log file name wildcard is:


        • Kamil Rojewski

          Aren’t you mixing character orders with item orders?

  • Do custom costs get filled in when purchasing from the market, or only on non-immediate buy orders?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      They get filled on every order fulfillment, but with respect to time of buying and duration of the order. That means in case of immediate buy, the cost might not get fulfilled, because there was no order duration.

      • Is there an option to take custom costs from immediate buys, then?

        • Kamil Rojewski

          You can select transactions in the transaction list and use the right-click menu to add costs.

          • Mugency

            Is there a way to get a running average of the cost of items. That way if you buy say 50 at x price, and get 50 more at y price, it will show z price for stack of 100?

          • Kamil Rojewski

            You can see the averages in the Market Analysis.

          • Mugency

            This program seems awesome and really complicated. have you done any how-to videos? Im struggling to get accurate costs of my existing items so that I can calculate profit. Is there an easier way than manually entering costs? especially if Im stockpiling items that I am paying different amounts for?
            Thanks for your help, Im trying to figure this out =]

          • Kamil Rojewski

            You can enable automatic cost adding after buy order fulfillment and item costs will compute automatically.

  • Varus Sakura

    I get the following error when attempting to run evernus from the terminal (Linux Mint 17, Qt 5.4)

    evernus: symbol lookup error: evernus: undefined symbol: _ZN6QDebugD1Ev

    any idea what could be up?

  • Tom Smith

    one probably has to be a bit smarter than me to compile this for ubuntu. I’m giving up after few hours of failing 🙁

    • Kamil Rojewski

      What’s the problem? It should compile just like that if you have all dependencies.

      • Gabriel Fournier

        As I have many projects built over GCC/G++, I couldn’t just replace GCC with Clang.

        What did it for me was to add the following flags to cmake:

        cmake -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=clang -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++

    • Beach Geek

      Feel your pain… giving it my 3rd go on an Ubuntu 15.10/64 system.
      I have Evernus running on FreeBSD/XFCE and PC-BSD, but not Ubuntu upgraded systems.
      Seems something went wrong in QT5 for some people that upgraded.

      Don’t give up, Evernus is a great program.
      Post your errors or just rip(purge) QT out of Ubuntu, and then reinstall QT5 (and pick the “dev” versions of packages)

      UPDATE (HOUR LATER): Evernus compiled successfully on Ubuntu 15.10/64.

      Wiped Evernus directory, switched to CLANG from GCC, and after finding the missing QT5 packages….. “[100%] Built target evernus” 😀

      Will post list of ‘qt5*’ and ‘libqt5*’ packages, so other Ubuntu 15 users can check before running cmake/make.

      • Beach Geek

        qt5* pkgs: qt5-default:amd64 , qt5-doc , qt5-qmake:amd64

        libqt5* pkgs: libqt53d5:amd64 ,
        libqt5bluetooth5:amd64 ,
        libqt5bluetooth5-bin:amd64 ,
        libqt5clucene5:amd64 ,
        libqt5concurrent5:amd64 ,
        libqt5core5a:amd64 ,
        libqt5dbus5:amd64 ,
        libqt5designer5:amd64 ,
        libqt5designercomponents5:amd64 ,
        libqt5feedback5:amd64 ,
        libqt5gui5:amd64 ,
        libqt5help5:amd64 ,
        libqt5location5:amd64 ,
        libqt5location5-plugins:amd64 ,
        libqt5multimedia5:amd64 ,
        libqt5multimedia5-plugins:amd64 ,
        libqt5multimediaquick-p5:amd64 ,
        libqt5multimediawidgets5:amd64 ,
        libqt5network5:amd64 ,
        libqt5nfc5:amd64 ,
        libqt5opengl5:amd64 ,
        libqt5opengl5-dev:amd64 ,

        libqt5organizer5:amd64 ,
        libqt5positioning5:amd64 ,
        libqt5positioning5-plugins:amd64 ,
        libqt5printsupport5:amd64 ,
        libqt5qml-graphicaleffects ,
        libqt5qml5:amd64 ,
        libqt5quick5:amd64 ,
        libqt5quickparticles5:amd64 ,
        libqt5quicktest5:amd64 ,
        libqt5quickwidgets5:amd64 ,
        libqt5script5:amd64 ,
        libqt5scripttools5:amd64 ,
        libqt5sensors5:amd64 ,
        libqt5sql5:amd64 ,
        libqt5sql5-sqlite:amd64 ,
        libqt5svg5:amd64 ,
        libqt5test5:amd64 ,
        libqt5v8-5:amd64 ,
        libqt5waylandclient5:amd64 ,
        libqt5webkit5:amd64 ,
        libqt5widgets5:amd64 ,
        libqt5x11extras5:amd64 ,
        libqt5xml5:amd64 ,
        libqt5xmlpatterns5:amd64 ,

  • Doogie12

    Is there a way to turn off the word ISK in all the prices or at least move it to the right of the amounts instead of the left side? It would make reading the numbers a lot easier since it would then be lined up.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Yes, you can do it in the preferences.

      • Doogie12

        I looked in there but missed it somehow – thanks!

  • John Schoenwolf

    market browser tab: import prices from web hangs with “waiting for 1 server replies”

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Blame ccp for designing crest such it cannot handle the load. You need to either try until you succeed, or decrease thread count in the network preferences.

  • Matthew Mastrangelo

    The character portait has disappeared off the front page, there is no area to right click to update it now either. all the text is there, no picture. any way to fix this? ive installed the latest version, did nothing to fix the problem

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Disappeared as in, the whole place for the photo is gone? Can you show a screenshot?

      • Matthew Mastrangelo
        • Kamil Rojewski

          That’s something new. You can try to remove all files from the c:UsersLOGINAppDataLocalevernus.comEvernuscacheportrait directory and it should fetch the portrait again.

          • Matthew Mastrangelo

            will that delete everything about the character?

          • Kamil Rojewski

            No, just the portraits. It should only have .jpg files inside.

          • Matthew Mastrangelo

            thats not a valid path on my computer

          • Kamil Rojewski

            You substituted LOGIN with your username, right?

          • Matthew Mastrangelo


          • Kamil Rojewski

            Ok, try to search for directory. It should be in application data directory somewhere.

          • Matthew Mastrangelo

            tried that when looking for the directory, i can’t find any of the folders in the path you specified

          • Kamil Rojewski

            It must be there somewhere otherwise the app wouldn’t work at all.

  • Irgendwear

    I am heaving some CREST loading errors today, anything you can say about this?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Yes, it’s a CREST server issue –
      I will try to make a workaround.

      • Irgendwear

        It was working 2 hours after the post. It might have been somehting on the CCP side as also their website was reportet as offline in reddit i think

        • Kamil Rojewski

          To be honest, I’m really frustrated by the way their servers work. Sometimes they do, sometimes they can’t handle even the lowest load – it all depends which one you’ll get assigned to. To make matters worse – when they don’t work, they usually don’t respond but just hang there, leaving applications wondering wtf. This was your case.

          • Irgendwear

            jea. when i checked again 7k requests were done in like half a minute. Which normally would take like 3 or 4. I was like WTF what happend there ?

  • I was a long time user of Evernus and took a break from the game for 7 months. When I updated it would not update market orders. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but now on startup it crashes. I reinstalled again and deleted all the old folders. I’m on a 64 bit machine, installed 64 bit and on startup it gives a small window saying CREST error on top of another small window that says Error fetching CREST endpoints.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Corp key should have the same permissions as the character one. CCP doesn’t allow predefined corp keys, so the link takes you to the char one to see the requirements.

  • There’s an entire day missing from Corporation Orders History. The days before and after are fine. I can see the orders for Jan 7 in Corporate Transactions (and they were made normally in Jita like the others) but not in Corporation Orders History. I noticed them because the custom costs for all the items I purchased that day were missing.

  • joebflies

    I keep getting errors and incomplete Import of any data on the market analysis tab is something wrong with CREST or Evernus, or more likely what am I doing wrong

    • Kamil Rojewski

      It’s a known issue with CREST. CCP knows about it, but they haven’t managed to fix it for months now.

      • joebflies

        wow I won eve for a few months, good thing I cant Play with out this tool, CCPLEASE

      • gat

        Any chance to make this grab data from eve central instead of CREST? I haven’t pulled anything from CREST last 4+ days

        • Kamil Rojewski

          It is an option I am seriously considering.

          • gat

            Please do because that would be awesome! you can revert it back to CREST once CCP fixes it.

      • Matias AbuCheno

        I was having the same problem, but I saw that if you take out mining drones from the search (uncheck the box or uncheck drones) it works. Something about those mining drones

  • Slovenly Fool

    Awesome program! Thank you for taking the time to make it. I can’t seem to get my corporation asset value included in the statistics overview

    • Slovenly Fool

      Now it’s showing up, but it’s not accurate to what is shown as the total sell value of my corporation assets on the corp asset tab.

  • BD

    Just installed Evernus – when adding my character I’m getting an “error transferring https://api.eveonline….” error under the “Fetching Character” message. Any ideas please?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      What is the exact error message? If it doesn’t fit, you can resize the window to see it all.

      • BD

        “ – server replied: Forbidden”
        (the xxx’s are obviously my API codes)

        • Kamil Rojewski

          That means you didn’t set the necessary permissions. Please use the link for the predefined key.

          • BD

            Ok – tried it again. My mistake – I changed the expiry date. Left it as set, all good now. Sorry about that

  • Jynks

    I was able to import my character information, but not my corp information.

    “Error transferring [long URL with my API key info] – server replied: Forbidden.” I used the link in the application to create the key – access mask confirmed as 73404426. Any thoughts?

    /edit: it seems the predefined link creates a character key, not a corp key.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You don’t have corp permissions to view the requested data.

  • Mondain

    Fast Price Copy does not work for me for some reason.. reinstalled evernus multiple times / run as admin. I set up the shortcut key.. when I press the shortcut I can visibly see it targeting the next item on my market order list however it does not copy the price. any help would be great

    • nlelith

      Same issue here – Windows 10 64 bit. Reinstall + deleting all appdata files didn’t help.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Can you check pasting in the notepad, instead of eve?

    • Arch

      What keyboard shortcuts have you tried?

  • Monk Trading

    Ive been having problems pulling market analysis data, whether i use crest or eve-central i have not been able to pull anything.
    i am currently using version 1.39 on a mac

    any help would be fantastic!

    • Kamil Rojewski

      What is the exact error message?

  • Asliv

    Hi I cant add my Character
    I get an error message
    server replied forbidden

    • That means you don’t have the necessary permissions set for you key. Please use the predefined link.

  • Baumkuschl0r

    Can’t seem to update my assets. Any clue on how to do that? It initially took the assets when I imported the API data and it won’t update since.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      What’s happening when you do the import?

      • Baumkuschl0r

        A window opens showing the import progress, everything gets updated except for the assets. The only error I get is the little triangle symbol on the character tab or the yellow bar on the assets tab

        • Kamil Rojewski

          Probably the cache timer hasn’t expired yet. You can find it near the import button in the tab.

          • Baumkuschl0r

            The API timer? If that were the case, it wouldn’t show me data from 5 hours ago, would it?

          • Kamil Rojewski

            It would show you the last thing eve api returned, even if it was hours ago. That’s how they handle caching.

          • Baumkuschl0r

            So hitting the API refresh button won’t speed that up?

          • Baumkuschl0r

            It’s just, everything else gets refreshed and updated except for the assets, that seems odd to me

          • Kamil Rojewski

            Different things have different timers. When the timer expires, you will get new data, but not earlier.

          • Kamil Rojewski

            No. Allowing that would make your application banned.

  • Sarah

    Fast price copy seems to be ignoring my minimum margin for every item, it will automatically copy everything to be top buy order regardless of whether the margin has dropped to -25% etc, anyway to check if my settings are wrong?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      There’s an option in the preferences to not go below your item cost.

      • Sarah

        This is in relation to buy orders; sell orders are sweet

        • Kamil Rojewski

          Ah, no option there.

  • kacimierz

    So is there a way to outbid orders that are not in the same station but in a nearby system set to a range? I’m talking here about orders from perimeter visible in jita.
    Right now evernus doesnt outbid those orders for me so im the top order in jita 4-4 but not in the region.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      No, evernus currently looks at the station with the order.

      • kacimierz

        Is there any chance that this will get changed? The built in margin tool does take every order above you into account, I’m kind of suprised that the character order thing doesn’t. At this point it’s not even worth using it because most of the orders that are shown as on top are outbid by citadel orders.

        • Kamil Rojewski

          No until CCP fixes their API, so we can get citadel data.

  • Aww Style

    Is there feature auto update(CREST) prices? Timer maybe etc

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Not at the moment.

  • ricklx

    Just found out about Evernus and trying to install it and it fails.
    Evernus (64bit).. popup error says .error. Database backup saved as .. … then 2nd popup says duplicate column name:brokers_fee Unable to execute statement: ALTER TABLE characters ADD COLUMN brokers_fee FLOAT NULL DEFAULT NULL

    Ive tried to install with admin rights .. same error shows up.. Is there anything I can do to resolve this ?

  • Silluk -10-


    Evernus does not start up for me on a Windows 10 64 bit. It gives me:
    “duplicate column name: brokers_fee Unable to execute statement: ALTER TABLE characters ADD COLUMN brokers_fee FLOAT NULL DEFAULT NULL”

    Can you help me with that? going back to an older version doesn’t work as it installs seperatly


  • PegasusOrgans


    • Kamil Rojewski

      If you keep editing your comments, I can’t really help you.

  • PegasusOrgans

    Is there an actual tutorial for this?? I’m not a genius and can’t figure this out.

  • TixTax

    When I “import prices from web” in the Market Browser, it only displays prices from 2 regions even though i’d selected all regions. It also only lists 7 total regions in the region selection window. I’ve tried both Crest and Eve-Central as a source.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Market browser only works on whatever is already imported. Market analysis can import and save anything.

  • Matt Warren

    Is there a general forum for questions / discussion or just this page of comments?

  • James

    Hello there,

    Trying to use Evernus for the first time. I used predefined link to create API key for my character, but key always comes up:

    Error transferring code here) – server replied: Forbidden

    I’ve tried regenerating keys and they all do the same thing. Evernus Version 1.47

    • Kamil Rojewski

      That means your key doesn’t have permissions for everything needed. At what exactly does it show this error?

      • James

        Right when I tried adding my first character. I started the program up, went to character manager, add character.

        I used the predefined link to go to the EVE site to get the API using the permissions added automatically by Evernus. I submitted the API creation on the Eve site to make sure it was active, then copied the verification to Evernus.

        I let it run and it throws the error.

        • James

          I discovered what I was doing wrong! It’s up and working!

  • Superstar Dave

    Hello, having trouble importing logs into the margin tool. I can see all the data in the main application however I got no sample data in the margin tool. Maybe I’m just using it incorrectly.

  • Superstar Dave

    Hello, having trouble importing logs into the margin tool. I can see all the data in the main application however I got no sample data in the margin tool. Maybe I’m just using it incorrectly.

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Can you share a screenshot?

      • Superstar Dave this is directly after exporting the market orders. I’ve set the correct source directory for the logs as well.

        • Kamil Rojewski

          Are you sure you are exporting logs for ITEM orders, not for YOUR orders?

  • Ozzey

    hello, when i import data into my market analysis. alot of the prices it pulls are not correct by considerable margins.

    anyone know how to fix this?

    • Kamil Rojewski

      Can you define ‘not correct’? A screenshot might help.

  • Silence


    So I’m confused as to what i’m doing wrong. I’m trading in a citadel in nullsec. The citadel can be found in the market analysis tool and LMeve. but it fails to update market orders buy and sell prices. But other citadels within the same system sell and buy order can be fetched and updated. I get no error messages, However, when I use the market browser the citadel i’m using isn’t listed there. I’ve tried importing citadels multiple times and it has never appeared. Am i’m doing something stupid?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Kamil Rojewski

      You’re not doing anything wrong – CCP doesn’t provide citadel data in any normal way. If you even see some orders from them, consider yourself lucky.

      • Silence

        Ah damn, okay. thanks for the reply mate 🙂