1.13 with lots of changes released

After some time, version 1.13 was released:


  • [new] option to ignore re-importing already cached data (defaults to false for upgrading users; true for new installations)
  • [new] option to specify default market log import source (API/logs)
  • [new] “price difference, %” column for sell orders – price difference divided by custom cost (you can hide/move it via context menu)
  • [new] option to auto-copy non-overbid prices from price helper popup (Price preferences; defaults to false)
  • [new] transaction view info panel – total quantity, size, income, costs, balance and profit
  • [new] total income, cost and margin info for sell orders
  • [new] ability to input custom prices into the Margin Tool – you can experiment with any data you wish
  • [new] ability to remove stored text filters via right-click menu on text drop-down list
  • [new] restoring main window after closing the Margin Tool
  • [new] date range quick filters (Today, Past day, This week, Past week, This month, Past month)
  • [new] ability to hide main tabs
  • [new] allowing only one instance of Evernus to be launched
  • [new] ability to clear market browser data (competition prices)
  • [fixed] corporation market orders sometimes not importing from API
  • [fixed] auto-costs from corporation orders
  • [fixed] table column state sometimes not restoring
  • [changed] corporation market order value snapshots are taken separately, but combined with character’s in statistics (fixes strange value oscillations)
  • [changed] column showed/hidden/moved state is now stored individually for each table
  • [changed] IGB now removes duplicate item types
  • [changed] toggling “script” in market order tab now clears filter text
  • [changed] floating point numbers in scriptable statistics now use fixed-point format instead of scientific


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