1.11 is here

Version 1.11 has been released with mostly bug fixes and some new features:

  • [new] all tables now save their hidden and moved columns
  • [new] favorite items in IGB
  • [new] overbid/undercut orders in IGB
  • [new] below min. margin orders in IGB
  • [new] copy suggested price in context menus
  • [new] contract timer warning in character tab
  • [new] corporation wallet status in statistics
  • [new] option to combine wallet journal/transactions with character’s (Price settings in Preferences)
  • [new] deleting orders from order tables
  • [new] market browser quick link in context menus
  • [new] auto-import prices when market scan completes
  • [new] possibility to open market in EVE from a context menu in Evernus
  • [fixed] incorrect corporation order owner when importing from logs
  • [fixed] ETA calculation now displays correct values
  • [fixed] character removal
  • [fixed] margin tool opening only once from IGB
  • [fixed] importing HUGE asset lists from the Web
  • [fixed] unit size number formating in market browser
  • [changed] leading and trailing whitespace is now removed from key vCode – no more manual trimming
  • [changed] not showing market orders for order history
  • [changed] batch database storing now happens in a separate thread (no more freezing)
  • [changed] new user agent when polling API
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